New Apple-Google Contact Tracing Tool - Exposure Notification

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Apple and Google, obviously announced that contact tracing exposure notification I think is going to be calling it exposure notification system. The AP is a system where released. A while ago, there were some apps across some states that use those Api and buy some you mean like ask or maybe to her like not enough. Yeah not enough. So the next step of the apple Google exposure notification systems. It's good. It is also very complicated. So they've built the API's the phones can do exposure notification they can trade the Bluetooth keys. And they can check those you know if you. The list of keys on your phone checked against a database if any of those keys. In the database are registered as having tested positive. You get you know notification and says, you were notified person parameters that you were exposed per some parameters. The different states can set that initially required to have an APP on your phone. So the system was working in the background, but to do something like submit a positive test for yourself, you need an APP from public health authority. Apple or not taking the next step. So Iowa thirteen point seven just came out it now has the interface for that stuff built into the APP if your local health authority wants to enable in some way the. The Google site just very different and it's very android and its way the your local health authorities can give the phones, a set of parameters that will then auto generate an android. APP. That works with the framework. Yeah very complicated but why does that complicated? It's just it's so android and they can't really bake it into the the operating system without going through all of the update medications of android. So it is easier to dynamically compile an application on the phone that touches I mean that's like Klarius right. Whereas apple is pushing it. You know we've been covering very closely imagine if you've been listening to show already in the verge, you're aware of it. You just read these stories and read how it works. I worry that it's so complicated. All of this stuff is so complicated and requires so many. So many different sorts of agencies and public health authorities and hospitals and people to understand how it works to make it effective. I think now that it's here, it's time to kind of hammer on that. So I think that's the next step here, but that's good news overall. The system has been in development, apple and Google for all of the other noise around those companies, all their challenges in all their congressional testimonies, they appear to be just making steady incremental progress on this which I think is great. Can I just say one thing about these these situations situations have been complicated the Priscilla's be complicated needing them to be simple isn't just for simplicity's sake it isn't just for aesthetic reasons that simple things are nicer or even just easier to understand It's that you know situation where there are bad faith actors who will use any complicated thing anything that's. To understand as a cudgel against it. Or. As a way to like the waters. Complicated. Things actually become really problematic. It's harder to muddy the waters with a simple thing that it is complicated thing.

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