Business Book Readings Are The New Industry Conference



Conferences a pretty much standstill right now to travel restrictions and limitations on numbers of people can gather in one place and most have filled that void filled the gap with virtual online conferences and that's kind of okay. But it's not the only option. Another option might be to identify the topics and the speakers in the authors that you want to hear from going, find the book, find their content, find their videos online or you. Purchase a book, and then you gather together as a small group in your local area to highlight those points that you want to highlight, and then discuss the bite them amongst yourselves because what you do when you do that is you still getting the expert opinion they might not be there in front of you but you're still getting the expert opinion is still getting the expert knowledge and you're still debating and discussing it as a group. What you miss out on admittedly is Directly, with that expert or that speaker, but let's be honest most conferences. You don't get a lot of time to do that anyway. So I think rather than just either not going to these industry conferences or because you can't all going to the virtual online ones I. think it might be a lot more productive to get together as a small group identified the topics and the people you want to hear from go out and find the content a lot of times it will. Be Available for free. Sometimes, you might have to go and buy a book on Amazon for Twenty Bucks or something. But either way you'll get any expert opinion the expert knowledge you were discussing as a group picking it apart trying to find pros and cons and I think that's not a bad supplement to an industry event. What do you

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