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That he was interested in my career said some very very nice saying some complimentary things and just appreciated getting to spend some time with him. And this is one of wanted to ask you about for awhile. Charlotte north carolina. August second nineteen eighty-five. You're the national tag team champion. But you're in singles action second match on the card against starship eagle who we know was going to go on to become dan spivey the real life dan spivey Any memories of working with a young spy here in august of eighty-five nobody that particular match. I don't remember. But i know that spivey is one of those guys number one. He was georgia football player. Which was feather in his cap where i was concerned because i was georgia boy. Still to this day of georgia fan. Which you don't like to hear conrad in your defense. We don't seem to get in you guys way whatever you wanna do every year. So what the hell. That's stop at some point. I dunno danny spivey was just a big rugged rawal bone you and he was just athletic. You know spy guess. Danny would probably be what he thinks. Six six six always big fella. Yeah six seven three hundred pounds and you know athletic as it could be and he was just kind of getting started and you could this tale he was gonna do well in the business and i just remember watching him on. Tv every chance. That i got just to see how is progressing and he really did well and had a pretty good run in the business i I wanted to make note of something that happened pretty special the very next day august third were in florence south carolina and In the main event it's the nwf tag team champions. Ricky and robert taking on the national tag team champions oli orne and then all my research arm. I believe this is the very first time you shared ring with ricky morton and robert gibson considering how many great matches you had over the years with the rock and roll express and what a big part you were in their career and they were in your career. This is the first time it ever happened. August third thousand nine hundred five florence south carolina or your first impressions of the rock and roll express. Well it was outdoor show if it was in florence it would have been football stadium and you know. I had watched them arrival date in jim. Crockett promotions budgets approximately. I know it was eighty five. But i'm not i don't remember off the top of my head i could public that I was just one just to make a comment that you know if it had been there a couple weeks or a couple of months or whatever they were guys that you know the reaction from day one almost like. After the first time our audience saw them. I would think first time. They came out of the gate. Our audience would have said well. Who are those guys because again. It was local. Tv if you didn't have bill watch tv or you didn't have memphis tennessee tv. You didn't know who these guys were. July ninth so less than a month in so they've been there a month three weeks and change. I would have had time to have their first week where people didn't know who they were. But i guarantee you the excitement that field. The room that i debut match would have encompassed all of our audience members. They would've went good. God who are these guys but they sure are exciting and man they they would have flamed up right away so i would have had three weeks to a watch. Them on television You know tape. The show came back home. Watched it whatever and rot away. It was you know these guys. I knew were gonna be huge baby faces new. The girls are gonna love him. The kids are going to love the the older audience. We're gonna love them. They were just likeable guys and just full of energy and to be in the rain with those guys without really having you know a long conversation with them we would see each other. A little bit at on wednesdays. Doing promos you know. Were all underneath the same roof but everybody kind of kept to themselves because she wanted to keep your head in the game and it wasn't a visitation dale. It was we had to get promos knocked out for all those local markets because we still had to drive to raleigh for a house. Show that so. I guess the point. I'm trying to get to as we were all just sitting around. Get to know each other right. But i would watch them on tv and i saw where they were having an like a rocket ship and straight to the moon. These guys were getting over week to week and the first time we walked in the ring with them and you know only was kind of stuck in that you know these guys are too little you know what the hell you know. We should just beat him up. This is what i can see going through his head. He never said that to me. But i can just tell the way. Initially he started working with them was until he saw the on. Its bought it. They bought these guys and they believed him. And you know they got behind him and it didn't take me long which is about thirty seconds to decide. Hey i'm gonna go in here and do my best in order to get these guys over only was going to be a harder sale because he just came from that old school. You know a wrestler should be so big and so tall and so tough and all these things and there really wasn't a place for anybody. There was less than that. But i saw it right away and he would chuma ass out. Starting that night about maui. Taken all those goofy bumps and i just kept my mouth shut in my answer to myself was kasese. Guys are are huge money and i could tell it then and i wanted them to go back and go. I wanna work with that guy again versus down. What a hard ass whose guys are have pulling teeth trying to get them to sell for us but You know already then a month they and those guys were already own. Fire all right. Here's something you probably already knew. Lord knows i discovered it a long time ago. You sleep better when it's cooler.

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