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Whole roster around the move guys out 'cause now all of a sudden he lands and they moved three or four veteran and good players out and all of a sudden now it's a little bit of a of a locker room that's that's know little tents sure for sure him now what what players did you have signed july first what were some of your clients that had the the got good deals so i had a big one talking about guys that are signing longterm deals during the season he didn't get the free agency but our own saint paul's crayton's ryan mcdonagh oh yeah good all around athlete from the walls families moms a walsh you know the the big football fan he signed a long term extension with tampa in that one that went down like a week before one of my favorites of all time when i played stevie is your man he was the gm or is the gm of tampa he flew in and we had a kind of a closeddoor meeting with ryan and chris mcalpine and i and we sat there and canada hammered all ryan's role situation then came to agreement on a longterm deal so that was a big one that i had on july first and then i had some other ones one that was really fun to work on was getting travis boyd who's a hopkins blair played at university of minnesota won a cop with washington got his first one way contract on a two year deal i'm working on brock nelson who isn't a free agent but he's restricted he's a war road player that plays with the and then i have a couple patrick maroon who i just picked up as a client from saint saint louis had been pounded on the wild a little bit with him luke shannon former like fourth fifth pick overall in the draft and then just working on a few other paul martin kinda trying to find that rate spot for him oak ribbit river you know gopher hero but he he's still he's got something left in the tank i would think yeah he's he's you know been around where he played you know close to nine hundred nhl games and on some good teams where he's played a huge role he was our own brent burns the former wild won the norris trophy two years ago top defenceman in the nhl in paul martin was defensive partner so paul he's getting to where he's got you know only one or two years left he's thirty seven so we're just trying to find the right fit for paulie now you've got beauty league coming again which has been your own creation it's been a wonderful summer venue for hockey fans and people that that there's so many great obviously locals plane here it comes years tree it looks like you're getting bigger and better out there braemar yeah that's been maxine you've been you've been great you've you've been there a lot i.

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