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Yeah well i'm not like hand that the most important things to what is the game tonight i guess is going to be very tied game both both hands day tell that they are quite as strong in the strike aside burden so much defense so ovallis gannon to be an exciting and i it is i think is gonna win i mean for you if you're a real madrid fairly run of the mill kind of occasion isn't that champions league finally happens just about every year not rally i mean we have to remind at before there's golden eggs whispered like thirty two years without win one so it it highlights how difficult it is to be redefined so i don't think we would take this as one more year says one more chance to to get a title and to show how how big the same really is john what's the atmosphere like in kiev how many fans of liverpool got over there for starters we do expect full funds to traveled obviously the allegations about seventeen thousand so we'll come out with the hope it's got tickets and all those role of modern she gets tickets in the soldier neutral section if you like some expected around tasty thousands is if there's a big square shaped shaker square which all the liberal funder had into some trauma last night they look terrific can wake doing a little bit their phone from eight to this well so liveable livable always travel in big numbers always believed that they can do it you know we're not real people so much experience on the side and was recent kinda history on this side if you like every little bull speak to extend we're gonna win the game now who's feel like they've got a pretty good chance of scoring but they usually leak a few goals as well.

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