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Outside a church in France. We know at least three people are dead and several more wounded in what officials say was a terrorist ambush in the Mediterranean city of niece at the Church of Notre Dom. The exact motive remains unclear. France is under high alert for terrorists. The terrorist suspect in question was taken down by police and then taken to a nearby hospital will keep you posted. It's 8 33 check on the roadways now, traffic and weather together this Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's Laurie Grandi. You know it started off rough this morning. Japanese basically just stayed that way. We have a lot of problems out there to 95 North found the rap to 95 North Bound and Attleboro car has gone off that ramp, so watch out for delays. There still daily with the crash involving three box trucks 93 South on the right hand, lane is blocked off approaching 1 28. Expressway North behind your tough from the deposits Circle on rap now to Columbia Road. That's our usual delay there. The South outside jams up at Columbia Road to Savin Hill. Also getting word of a crash. Now on the expressway south on the left hand lane is blocked up by granted Avenue. This is the third crashed on the expressway South on this morning. Lever connector down wrap is tied up and to end getting off onto store drive. They clear the crash inside the O'Neill tunnel. It was south found right by that Callahan tunnel off ramp there. The Logan Airport off ramp. And so that is easing up the traffic coming across the Zaken bridge getting into the tube there stone still dealing with some tough traffic 20 for north bound between 1 39. It's sluggish, too. 93 Laurie Grandi W. B. C's traffic on.

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