Former Republican Governor of Michigan Endorses Biden for President


Endorsed Joe Biden for president. He said President Donald Trump was not covering in the interest of the entire nation. I was at the nation's Capitol when Trump gave his inaugural address. I had hoped this first speech as president would be a message to unify divided nation. Instead, I heard a speech directed at how It would help the people who supported him. And sadly, that is how President Trump continues to govern. That's what he wrote in the USA today and then the free press governor. Snyder also criticized the president's 2017 tax cut and said Trump's foreign policy had produced some good agreements, but overall, our nation is no longer respected as a leader on world affairs. Jonas is Dick. Hey, Verner, Dick Wei talked a little bit about this yesterday. You weren't terribly surprised by this, But we're gonna have former governor Rick Snyder on in a little bit. And there are a few things I'm curious about. And one of those is and I wanted to get your take on. This is If the Republican governor doesn't like trump, and clearly he doesn't. Why not suggest ah, not endorse anybody? Or maybe endorsed some other great Republican as a write in candidate just to show your displeasure with the president. Why go so far as to Endorse a Democrat to endorse Joe Biden. Is there something about Joe Biden? He likes so much that's going to make him a great president. If he's just making a statement that Donald Trump is not not his guy. Why not endorse whoever his favorite Republican is as a writer? That's good question. That's a very good question. Because the governor Snyder says he is still East still considers himself Are Republicans. So why vote and why come out for a Biden, for example, his good friend John Kasich ran for president. Then he dropped out. Why not write in John Kasich as Hey, has the person he votes for? So that's a good question. Another good question would be what Policies of Trump. Does he support He can't be against everything that Trump has done has got to be something there that he likes because they're both Republicans. And he, after all, is the governor who several years ago. Boosted supported ram through and sign the lot. The right to work law in Michigan, making It's a ah ah, situation where we're workers that Aaron, a union covered by a union contract can drop out of the union and still be covered. By the terms of the contract, something that unions viral it Lee against. He was the right toe work Governor. So that was a very conservative move on his part, something that would be ah. Aligned with what the Trump administration is done on so many issues, So yeah. Ah, you raise a very good point, And I think I think that there's just something much bigger than this. I think I was reading a little bit of cut the Lincoln Project Republicans against Trump, but they are I think they're going to be coming out. Today, with maybe hundreds of businesspeople, politicians, people who say they've been Republicans for a long time coming out and say, both for Joe Biden. And that's just interesting to me. Why they don't voice their displeasure against Donald Trump More than vote for Joe Biden does. If you're a true Republican, wouldn't you think? Four years of of the Democratic president would do more harm than four years of president. Republican president that you just think is a jerk. Basically. Yeah, well, I'm I'm sure that you will have the freedom to ask that question of the governor also if the governor comes out again Against President Trump. And for Biden, one of the high profile members of the Trump administration is Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos, who would have been a Big Snyder supporter Back in the day one. Snyder was governor. This would seem to Ah cut off the good relations that he would have with Betsy DeVos, Dick DeVos and the DeVos. Organization and forces in Michigan. What what does he Snyder Ah. Think about that is he Is he through with the divorce is or can he maintain some sort of a friendly relations with them, even though he comes out against Trump If it comes out against Trump, he comes out against Betsy DeVos. Right and I also wonder does does this make Republicans think twice about voting for Donald Trump? Or does this make Republicans think less of Rick Snyder? Well, I'm not the judge of that you had you had posed the question Previously. Does this persuade Republican voters? I'm not sure that people look Any more at the endorsements of anyone. In fact, sometimes I think when we hear about a political figure endorsing somebody else for office It's quite a Ah, it's quite a bodacious action on their part, thinking that they're so important that their endorsement is is needed. Bye bye. The voters that we just have to know who they support or who they don't. I'm not sure that Snyder, even even the endorsement of a governor. Ah, former governor is that important to voters anymore? Republicans or Democrats cave after

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