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Looking through the newspapers because back then there was still low internet and You would see in the back of the papers. are top. sales earned two thousand pounds last week. Which is about three thousand dollars in commission. And i'm like okay. I can do that. No experience required tastic. This burnt of definitely gonna go apply for this. I applied for the job than twenty minutes. I got so. I kind of figured okay. Natural seals sky because in twenty minutes getting a job. My first interview new problem. I turned up. They gave me an air force script. Give me one art. And i was on the phone. Dot was my training the keyboards. I could not stop talking. I couldn't get a chance to speak. I had to speak for five minutes nonstop and they interrupted me. It would be like. What do i say my boss go say this. My boss will be feeding me. Answers at the so unprofessional and yet this company was fully function. Profitable business what were selling magazine. Advertising full full-page ads magazine ran. It just didn't work afterwards. I thought okay. I've got to get a job in a in the transmit. Because i don't know how to sell i must of knocked for the next few days and about sixty doors. In london menachem doors people do not contrary to popular belief american south people. Don't open the doors and say come inside. Let's have a cup of tea. Nobody said that okay. They're like just close the door that don't answer they're just not interested about my sixty sixty fifth attempt was rush and she listened to me and she just ahead of training. I told her my story and shows while you got resilience. I want someone like you my business. I started out. Monday and they treat me an old-fashioned dip on an spin selling for an entire week started off in sales for call. You're selling what at that. Point classified adverts the bucket that business. Okay that a lot of people get their start doing that literally. The first thing i sold wasn't professional job. But when i was in college i was selling ads for a a theater program for student theater. Company that i i helped run so yeah. Everybody seems to start an ad sales at some point. It seems like so. How'd you progress from there to where you are today. What have more in. Today's modern world dancing using apps or websites is very common but in the nineties in london. People made fun of you. John dating website. They called you desperate methodic but the fact wars london as beautiful cities is the culture. The theaters restaurants early is one of the greatest cities in the world. Also one of the loneliest cities in the world is well. I didn't have any family. I didn't have any friends. And i was just lonely. Thought well support. I'm doing quite well in sales at this point. Because i just i work my ass. All i didn't gossip i prospect. I picked up the phone and general cared about my clients. My skill set was very limited but in the nineties those were skills to high right and so i just getting promoted promoted promoted payrise pay rise payrise more responsibilities from classified ads to postcard to sit in those cars to doing full-page advertising launching yearbooks to settle in conferences and events over the ten years it was amazing and by year four. Earning enough money to get pause on a rudy. Tiny two bedroom flat and on them is really tiny property. Prices are much lower thirty years ago as well which made a difference and you only have to give a ten percent pulls up which is nothing. Ross today attempts percent deposits the sand. And you know. I i just wanted to go further and i really wanted to do better so i thought okay. I want someone to share my success with because it wasn't enjoying success by myself and dating agencies. Were just not working. I'd i wasn't happy with eating agencies and so i'm not going to india on holiday happn arranged marriage which i met for twenty minutes and now your were your parents involved in this at all. There were heavily involved in this. Yes very involved. I was continuing to them all the time. Hi lonely. i was living in london. Miserable being in. London not talks to you. Nobody knocks on your door and says the low. There's there's no community at all the really isn't it's very lonely city an okay. Having spent a year and a half welfare's hermit. I did struggle to communicate with people outside of work inside of work. Great bulldog on the phone and prospecting or energy and pinto frustration grid. But when i go to bars. I just couldn't talk to people. I find it very difficult. And plus we spend all day prospecting and talking to people in the evening meet women get exhausted doing a home and rest and so i ended up having arranged marriage and within twenty minutes of meeting a woman married four days later on december nineteen ninety-seven in front of eight hundred strangers terrifying and by the way anybody listening. I wouldn't recommend that is really you know really is quite a scary way to start a life but you know for twenty twenty one years we were married you know so it did last a good time. You know okay. Yup i mean. That's i mean that's that does absolutely terrifying multiple fronts I mean it's hard enough to get married to someone when you've known them for an extended period of time. Maybe it's easier when you don't have to know him for a few hours Yes so you've swung even met you've known for a few days fly back then to to london or do you. Go back to belfast. Herb woman she came back to bear in mind indians well-connected around the world but pre internet people didn't want them like they thought it was just like the bollywood movies. Wherever lives in the big high porsche. They drive range rovers. They you know they speak wonderfully well. It's not like not like donna toll..

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