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Allegations of the winter olympic games in south korea next month and both sides agreed to hold talks on reducing tensions along their border since having held their first high level talks in two years south korean president moon jae in says he's opened a meeting with kim but says the success of such a summit after weeks of twitter fighting between president trump and north korean leader kim jongun ap's thuggery madani reports trump says he's open to talks with the country that's according to a white house read out of a call the president had with his south korean counterpart in which he said he's open to talks with pyongyang quote at the appropriate time under the right circumstances the phone call came after the two koreas held their first highlevel talks in two years with both agreed to hold talks on reducing tensions south korea's president says he's open to meeting with kim jong ooh but he first what's guarantee that such a summit would be successful saga remain ghani at the white house to dog breeds one which was nearly extinct are now officially recognised by the american kennel club because of the recognition the neater landslide quaker hanjour and the ground bossa griff fond von dayan are now eligible for many dogs shows this year they still can't compete at the prestigious westminster kennel club show until next year the nader land sir quaker hanjour was trained centuries ago to help dutch hunters attract ducts than two netcovered canals the spirited alerts spaniel style dogs neared extinction during world war two before breeders brought them back the ground bossy gril fond von dayan or gb g v for short was developed to hunt rabbits the small french house are known for their speed stamina and happy nature.

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