Saudi Consulate, Jamal Khashoggi, Prime Minister Abu Ahmed discussed on PBS NewsHour


In at least 40 states. Now, as Americans brace for 1/4 of July weekend that threatens to lead to even more, Arizona reported its hospital intensive care unit capacity is already at an all time high of 91%. In spite of the country's surge President Trump head into South Dakota today for a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore. It is expected to draw as many as 7500 people, but attendees won't be required to wear masks or to social distance. We'll talk to local leaders in Texas and Florida about curbing the spread in their communities. After the news summary. Also today, the head of homeland security worn protestors against vandalizing or removing statues and monuments this weekend in an opinion article, Chad Wolf Said his department will quote leverage every tool and authority to protect those landmarks. That comes two days after he announced a new task force to coordinate such a response. The Supreme Court last night blocked a lower court ruling that would have allowed curbside voting in Alabama during the pandemic local officials their plan to offer that option into loosen absentee ballot restrictions in three of the state's largest counties ahead of this month's runoff elections. High court will now decide whether to hear Alabama's appeal. The Aurora, Colorado police officers who took photos of themselves smiling as they re enacted a chokehold at a memorial site for Elijah McLane have now been fired. One of the four officers had already resigned. Last August, officer stopped MacLean, a 23 year old unarmed black man on the street for what they did was suspicious behavior. They placed him in a chokehold sedated him. And he later died in Turkey. A trial in absentia got underway in Istanbul for the 20 Saudis charged in the slaying of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Shoki was killed at the Saudi consulate there in 2018. While he was trying to pick up marriage documents today, his fiance voice hope that justice will be served. Yanni Thiss has become a responsibility emotionally and spiritually put on our shoulders at the Saudi Consulate on October 2nd, 2018 I think you all on behalf of Jamal, May he rest in peace. We trust in Turkish justice. The judiciary process has begun. None of the accused was in courts in Saudi Arabia rejected demands for their extradition. Saudi court previously sentenced five people to death and three to jail for the killing last December. But hash cookies family later forgave his murderers. Effectively granting them clemency under Saudi law. Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abu Ahmed called out protesters today for refusing to end a week of deadly unrest. More than 80 people have died amid outrage over the shooting death of a popular singer Gianluca Endesa. He was a prominent anti government activists whose music gave a voice to Ethiopia's largest ethnic group. The government also shut down Internet service during the protests, and officials in Botswana have launched an investigation into the mysterious death of some 275 elephants. In recent weeks. Their bodies were first found in the northern Okavango Panhandle region. Where authorities are working to determine what caused them to die. They've ruled out poaching since the carcasses were intact, and now they're focusing on other possibilities. If this was a disease or virus or bacteria outbreak that was to spread on DH as I mentioned earlier, if a smaller, less genetically diverse populations were affected, then it could have been stating consequences for the population. Botswana is home to the world's largest population of elephants, more than 156,000 still to come on the news hour. The US tops 50,000 new infections.

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