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I'll go to the defense side of the ball and I will highlight Carl Lawson who he was such a nice addition last year and you wrote about this Connor. You know, these edge guys in that off season ended up being such a relative bargain to what edge guys cost now. So they got Carl Lawson, obviously didn't get to use them at all in his first year as a New York jet. You know, he fits to a T what Robert sala wants off the edge here. They'll have him on one side, presumably Jermaine Johnson, who they came back to the first round to get in April and you might have something here. I mean, just having a capable sort of semi dynamic pass rush even makes his defense so much better. And I think that's what they're going to end up with this year. I think so too. I like the bones of this defense. I just think, again, they are so painfully young. That you hope that they can kind of pull something out of there. The real hope is that like Robert Saul was talking about moving sauce gardener around a lot, like just avoid putting him in a position where he has like a Jeff Okuda rookie season, right? Just get him to next year with the confidence to be able to take on number one wide receivers. Just keep him in the mix. Don't lose him now, which is possible if you have a tough defense there's a lot of coverage breakdowns. In New York is not the market, I think that everybody makes it out to be. I think if you were a lead dog, like a third ranked quarter number three overall drafted corner in Philly, you'd be skewered. But if you have a lot of bus, I mean, Revis ended a lot quicker than I think he would have another markets just because everyone was like, oh, this guy doesn't have it anymore.

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