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Perfect like to pretend I think that you know. We didn't have to family houses or rental housing. Yeah, but the truth of the matter is that they were designed that way so that you know everybody felt like they were. You know living in this really high quality housing, and is Joyce, said you know built to the same standard. And it was. It was done for those reasons. It wasn't done to create some sort of facade of perfection. So you know that that idea of perfection is used in the book. I think really effectively because it sets up some interesting tension between characters. But again I think as I mentioned before you know I think in some ways for us. That idea of you know planning these things out were to achieve some intentional goals. About about the community so. I just thought that when she was talking about winslow in the book, it was kind of interesting because the way it was portrayed there i. think wasn't exactly what the intention was. That's one of the parts of the book and the show that I found so fascinating as you can both understand why and the intention behind designing something, a certain way wasn't intended to be any sort of value judgment on anyone, but then you're like well. I can understand why it may be interpreted in that way depending on where you're coming at the situation, and I guess just for listeners who are coming to this only having the context of. Being portrayed in Nineteen ninety-seven. What is different about? In twenty twenty, that maybe wasn't as true or there are things to work on back in ninety seven. Well, you know we are constantly evolving and growing and I think we have dug in even more deeply on exploring diversity and inclusion, and being even more proactive in terms of initiatives that were undertaking where were bolder and more open about how much we value this and doing the hard work I think actually the book did a good job of portraying that idea that you could kinda. Check the box on undiversified. It was easy to say that you wanted to have friends of the different. Raise or invite them into your house, and then you kind of check. Check the box and said Yeah, you know. I am good with us, but I think now, and since then, and certainly now we are very very intentional about creating a diverse and inclusive community, and the city's just enacted some of the most progressive and wide ranging lgbtq protections. We are really proud of that but all of these things are really overt expressions of our values and not sure we were as overt and intentional at that time I think that Celeste book opens up a lot of difficult conversations. She is a product of a school system. Where we did value that so I'm not surprised that her book touches on some really important themes But you know we're not. We're not afraid of the hard work with. The conversation and you know it can be messy and difficult, but I think the good news is that we're willing to do this hardware now so. Come here and visit, and we'll take people on a little fires everywhere or You can do a little fires everywhere walking tour. It'll be like an AIRBNB immersion option. So you'll get. This is where Elena and meow got into an argument rap here..

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