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But it's pilloried is racism, so he took the concept. More voting and early voting and just use the buzzword HR one with your Democrats get in, will give greater federal control of government to the voting process. And make it easier for anyone the boat without a reason. There's a big difference between that and the Georgia law and greater grounds for fraud. But he John, you're right. You're absolutely right. Responded to You're absolutely right. John Gizzi. Thank you very much for joining us on W. Jared late morning show. Call on me anytime, Rocky and keep slugging up there. We sure will. It's been a pleasure to have yon. Now. Let's check the roadways with W jails, Traffic first with Dana Clark. This report is sponsored by life lack identity theft protection. Identity thieves love tax forms with personal info needed to steal your identity. That's why Lifelock helps protect monitor and restore your identity. No one can monitor all transactions at all businesses. But you can save up to 25% off your first year at Lifelock dot com. Promo code risk. Well, it looks like importing eastbound between Miller Road and Main Street is going to be shut down at least until early this afternoon. All lanes are blocked. You could take 94 east found instead. Watch for debris. 94 westbound at the South Phil Freeway that debris is blocking your two right lanes now wjr weather, first from the weather Channel. Lot of cloudy and down to get into the early afternoon, but many raindrops there still may be a few raindrops in the forecast and 58.

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