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Season to trail. Went live January fourteenth. When he final season debut date was announced in April third during its red carpet premiere in New York City, the most mentioned character. John snow played by kit Harrington the US tops the list of those posting followed by Brazil, the UK Spain with France rounding out the top five the show pulling in over two hundred million tweets since it came out in twenty eleven Christine Goodwin. Fox News update you on your property taxes, a possible sales tax increase the latest problems developing on the border and as marijuana becomes legal in more states that's causing some issues with employers who require drug testing. We'll get your reaction to that. Plus the city of Austin is approved a long range transportation plan. How it affects you and your small business coming up Todd and Don show. Jake on roofing is the most trusted name in roofing since nineteen seventy nine my family's used them for a very very long time, and you should as well. You can trust them. One thing you have to do. I'm going to tell you about it again. But this is very important. You need to have them come out in this time of year to do it and come to your home inspection. We get all kinds of crazy weather in springtime here in central Texas, all kinds of rain all kinds of win. You never know even we're coming up on hurricane season. And as we know Austin can get skirted by that kind of thing as well. Show him come out and make sure that your roof is in top form ready for anything that comes to it. And make sure there's not.

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