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12,000 people a day. For the time being. The Legion park venue will only provide vaccinations for health care workers. Los Angeles County Superior Court officials say a traffic clerk and a court interpreter died this month from the coronavirus. The names and employees were not disclosed. Judge Eric See, Taylor says the court remains committed to prioritizing public health and safety and providing safe access to justice for so many people need as we endure this pandemic Aymara while Balad Sacramental traffic from the KFBK Traffic Center. The fixed five project. Well, no longer do we see any weekend long closures. We do have some overnight worked up. We'll see reduced lanes between the highway 50 and the floor in road over crossing until 7 a.m. bridgework reduces lanes on eastbound I 80 between Reed Avenue with west El Camino Avenue over crossing through 5 A.m. in the delta. Watch for one way controlled traffic at the junction of state rats 12 and 1 60 through 6 a.m. and reduced lanes on highway 1 16 north and sat down. Between three miles Slough Bridge and the entrance to Brandon Island State Park through 7 A.m. traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk on 15 30 A m and your I Heart radio app Now Sacramento weather Clear skies overnight. Low 42 to 46 Partly sunny Sunday High 69 to 73 Patchy clouds Sunday night Low 47 to 51 windy under sunshine Monday High 69 to 73. I make you whether needy urologist car Erickson Newsnight 3.1 kfbk ready to make 2021 The year you meet people who loved to do the same things you do, making.

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