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I really I understand that now we must win this war Stories of Russian military conduct around civilians have built up a vast store of anger among the Ukrainian population Many of whom reject the idea of formal negotiations Before the war Vasily bourgeois owned a factory that built garden swing sets Since the invasion he and volunteers in the city of zapor region have turned that factory into a place where they manufacture body armor for soldiers on the front lines I think it's impossible to find a peaceful solution And I think that hate and envy between the two countries and their people will go on more than 50 years not less The broad impression that I've received in conversations all over the country is that the only exchange that Ukrainians want to have with the Russian government is through artillery shells and rifle rounds Boris vela tov is the mayor of nipro a city in eastern Ukraine which is a hub for humanitarian and military convoys to the front lines A popular politician he's known for being outspoken brash and blunt But even he has to balance the popular distaste for negotiations with a reality The war is generally only end through talks of some kind I would say it this way Russians always lie They lie to the whole world lie to the west lie to their own people and lie to themselves But that's why we don't believe them at all That's why we do not believe in those talks Although talks have to take place Any war ends with peace and talks This is the difficult path that president zelensky must navigate With so much of the public dead set against formal peace discussions with the Russian government it's hard to see how the democratic government of Ukraine can pursue it Which suggests that the prospects for peace are low.

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