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Of chemical. Weapons stored in Kentucky. Here's Paul miles. A ceremony is held in Richmond where more than five hundred tons of mustard Seren and nerve agents are stored at the blue grass army depot today marks the beginning of the last chapter of US efforts to Aratu Kate chemical weapons from the face of the earth deputy assistant secretary of defense Charles ball after decades of planning and preparations. The chemical weapons will be destroyed on site beginning next month the stockpiles expected to be eliminated by twenty twenty three Paul miles NewsRadio eight forty W. H A S, the scripts national spelling bee gets underway this evening with four kids competing from Kentucky eleven million speller started the journey eight months ago and tonight in Washington DC just over five hundred will begin competing for the spelling bee championship. Spelled us from Kentucky include John Abbott from bowling green Gabriela Villanova. From Louisville Tyler turnpike from Edgewood, and Henry Campbell out of fort Thomas, Kentucky, your next news update is at three thirty. I'm Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty WHAT. Yes. Kentucky Anna's, breaking news, weather, and traffic station. Live from the iheartmedia, purple tower of power. My dad put me on his shoulders to get a better look at them because, you know, four year olds, love Charlton Heston, Terry minor show. Think about it in there. How's it view? That is an employee at a fast food restaurant as Tony crews would say in Florida. He is taking a bath in the sink, or they clean the pots and pans, they use to prepare your food. It was wearing swimtrunks shorts. But I, I saw a video. Says some kid is like dude. No, no teenager. No, no, no, no. Don't do that. Of course he's been fired..

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