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Michigan because michigan is just in a groove right now is our caller did michigan was not great up against the montana michigan was not great up against houston but they still won rolling off the momentum and also very caught shot from the big ten tournament rolledover you know we're able to just survive that first weekend with a long way off and then they go out the other night and they just completely thump taxes eight ninety nine to seventy two coming off that emotional game what they did in the first half they embarrass absolutely embarrassed taxes and how about texas saying i'm talking smack down twenty twenty shut up you don't need to be talking smack when you're down twenty points i maybe they're trying to get their team fire back up maybe you should have showed up for the game is texas didn't do that michigan just that team they have that look of championship team they do they could be cutting down the nets something just tells me villanova duke invite the rank the three best teams in the country right now i go nova duke michigan i would kansas speaks more to the coaching job that self has done this year with that roster bad rosser obviously they still won the number one seed know they still are one of the number one seeds but now if they could get to final four this year that's remarkable job now asked this question before the break so me answer it in the final minutes that i have with you on cbs sports radio it's zach yelp show so i asked you which coach has the most to gain here in the elite eight down to the final four to the championship game so let's just roll to the coaches real quickly now bruce weber has been a runnerup before that illinois team that lost to you and say he's at kansas state now what he's done to get to this point no one would have thought a nine seed would be forty minutes away from going to final four so yeah if you went championship finally gets championship it's unbelievable but you know i don't think it's the.

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