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Features Fox's Tanya J. Powers explains messaging APP. WhatsApp recently announced its new privacy policy, which includes new terms surrounding data sharing with Facebook. And while what's app users aren't required to accept the new terms. The APP is making it harder to use for those who don't on its website. Whats APP says users will not automatically have their accounts to lead it or instantly lose at function ability. Instead, non compliant users will gradually lose function. And like not being able to access chat lists, then audio and video calls won't work and users won't get message notifications. They will, however, continue to get persistent reminders of the new terms. Policy also knew tonight, Police say a tiger that scared residents after it was last seen briefly wondering around a Houston neighborhood has been found and appears to be unharmed. In a short video, Houston police tweeted Saturday night commander Ron Borsa can be seen sitting next to the Tiger petting the animal and saying It's been a long week looking for him. Authorities have been looking for this. Tiger, a nine month old male named India since it was spotted Sunday in a West Houston neighborhood and was nearly shot by an off duty deputy before being taken away in a car by a man who police allege is the owner, plus new information about a fatal crash involving a Tesla, California highway. Authorities speculated he may have been operating on autopilot and it turns out the driver of a Tesla, involved in a fatal crash had posted social media videos of himself riding of the vehicle without his hands on the wheel or foot on the pedal, 35 year old Steven Michael Hendricks said was King. When his test led an overturned semi on the freeway on May 5th about 50 Miles east of Los Angeles. One video on his instagram account showed him riding in the driver's seat without his hands on the wheel or foot on the pedal as the Tesla navigated freeway traffic. But California Highway Patrol said there's no final determination made as to what driving mode the test was in or if it was a contributing factor in the crash, and.

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