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See if you can guess which movie this famous line is from. Go meow meow. Whatever you out. If you said Cape fear out come out wherever you. You. Back to the show. Nate cool whip Adams. He's brought his pool way proudly holding and maize a white trash. He's from Montana, but has a bazaar artistic side to which makes great films. He's here to fill in on some stuff Nate brag about your your wrestling quickly reasons, I get I get along. Well with anyone who played football for any period of time wrestled for any period of time or is in the military for any period of time. Those are the people I get along with very well. Go ahead started wrestling when his five years old three times state champion three time. High school stains only three times three times. It's that's a tough thing to do. To win three. You're when you're assault. Imagine. Restaurant national championship team in college. You know, love the sport. And kind of taught me, you know, a lot of about being driven northern Montana in Montana. We were in a national championship. But yeah, it was it was great. You know, the sport. I just read this thing that this dad posted on a wrestling forum about. The sort of stick to it. If nece that wrestling teaches you his kid had just gotten beat out like wrestling's, pure sport in the sense of few way, one hundred twenty six pounds. You wrestle ado to as under twenty six pounds for varsity. And you win you lose football. Like, you know, the coach's kid might be the quarterback because he's the coach's kid. But in wrestling you win you win. You lose you lose. It's there's really no appear form of competition and this dad's kid had just gotten beat out of our city by a kid who drop down in weight, and he talked about all the lessons kid learned about. Now, you have to work harder. Now, you have to put in the extra time that the other kid who beat you had put in and that teaches you about life and it works with Adams philosophy. Yeah. Do you coach I coach M fighters on Monday nights? Of course, you do that amazing Brian what my son right now wrestling with a sexuality. Still winning. I, you know, I couldn't tell I walked in in the bedroom the other day, and it just couldn't it was just so hard to tell they were scrambling. You know? I quietly shut the door walk backwards and shut the door. So Nate may just sits around and makes docs and produces stuff and does films with me and to the stand up special as well and you had to play the rotten tomatoes game. But you have some information and we brought you into play the game. But also to sort of give the Fisher particulars on the screenings because it's a little bit confusing or a little entails a discussion. Yeah. That is correct. We are doing some screenings for not Taco Bell material Adams bestselling book and life story. It is on tug dot com t u g g dot com. Just go to that website you click on films and then you'll see not Taco Bell material..

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