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Evening I'm Kevin Rafe used to build a stab of statewide rules for short term rentals like Airbnb is headed to the Florida house floor the heart of the house commerce committee approve the proposal yesterday under current local law governments cannot prohibit or regulate vacation rentals but they can license and inspect properties the proposal would take away that power from cities and counties however they still would be able to pass ordinances dealing with noise parking and trash and made national news the nine year old Ocala boy accused of trying to murder his sister was not in court today as scheduled this is the boy who pled not guilty in court last week to trying to fatally stab his five year old sister he did stab her though and she's now doing much better following the hearing last week the boy's mother said her son shows no sign of remorse and needs help he was supposed to be in court today but it was postponed until March eleventh because the public defender said his competency evaluation hasn't been completed yet in the meantime the judge ordered the boy remain in secure detention gene Wexler news ninety six point five W. DDL I remember the day that happened what a bizarre story weather and traffic every six minutes here on windows evening news first up its chief meteorologist Tom Terry as the full five day forecast brought to you by U. S. heating and air conditioning what are we looking at Tom just a little cool for my tastes Tony temperatures certainly made a big dive thirty five degrees colder for most of us here is going to be breezy with a wind chill in the low forties this evening and overnight tonight Orlando's temperature dropping only slowly those these clouds will take a few more hours to break up we'll see a low in the mid to upper forties high tomorrow sixty nine after a brisk start to the day still breezy tomorrow Anna hi again continuing to stay warmer seventy five on Sunday Hey we've got mostly dry weather here for the next three days then by early next week we're going back to eighty degrees Monday eighty three Tuesday ahead of another storm system which will bring a few showers late Tuesday but primarily Wednesday and Wednesday night and then Tony we get cold again I think the end of next week perhaps even into next weekend it's going to feel like winter for another spell they extended five day forecast four times an hour I talked to certainly not a boating weekend at least not Saturday we have forty eight at lake Apopka forty nine here news ninety six point five W. DPO now you save touch security triple team traffic traffic keeps coming in from Polk County eastbound delays to champions gate Aucilla parkway to five thirty five through Disney now universal the Kirk been gonna be happy from the turnpike to John Young then a little bit at the four await part of Fairbanks at Maitland four thirty six AM four thirty four westbound delays Fairbanks to colonial sand like passenger.

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