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Not just to scream and selected. It's hard again. Goes that part of seoul to spoil anything but where people get in the zone zone and it's usually when they're burn neil in the horse. It's when they're seeing about how welfare mothers me. Where's the check. But the kids in the station wagon on a fucker that let's it's great so good that whole like you said the whole last three years. Yeah yeah it's just insane. It's just and that's what it's very punk rock. You know without trying to be punk rock right right. you know. it's not. It's not like something he's trying to do. It's just happened right. That would've it. Would've been annoying if neil set out to make punk album. But that's what i mean. A lot of punk artists came because of shit. That neal was doing ryan. Did you know that's something that there's a story where he made. Eldorado and elliot. Roberts played it for graham nash and eldorado had don't cry on it from freedom has sick guitar. Sound on it and stuff and graham. Nash said and i quote. I absolutely hate this and i just. I love to imagine graham nash. Listening to that version of welfare mothers just fuckin- hating it hating every fucking second neilan heavy. He's his brother. Let's go to.

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