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Don't tell me that this one dimensional team can beat obama or ohio state well i don't know if they can be bam or sarah georgia for that matter they already lost a georgia when they get up against tunisia urge snow they lost a day lost by a point to georgia and home or when they get up against the defense that can stop that one dimension that re that running game that is so good as one of the best running games in college football ranked six in the country russian a for over three hundred three hundred seventeen yards yeah i i hear you when they get up against those but they are absolutely under raided under 100 percent 100 percent they beat wisconsin today i think so i don't washington absolutely no way absolutely balanced out washington got drilled buyers on a safe zone state plans and ball general that in every one of notre dame's winds they've won by twenty or more and that includes right michigan state that includes ranked u s c one point two georgia i mean i tell you that sauce very good football too late lehrer underrated notredame as underrated for maybe the first time in my lifetime maybe the first time in history lost at home to georgia georges younger if they played again neutral field georgia wins convincingly i don't know about that good senior joel great to see you right away all honda's here for the gold watch by the penn state at ohio state threestone on foggier are you a fact cynical that's i guess so it's going to be held to watch and into the union gospel getting big watches coming up next are nfl game by seller hold you give me the team i'll tell you if i'm by and that stocks fell in that stalker hold met stock.

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