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By AP's Washington bureau chief Julie pace ground game discusses election strategy with newsmakers all through primary season download it wherever you get your podcasts seven twenty three time for traffic and weather together super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes now Mike is a little bit foggy out there but I don't see any major problems yeah I got my fingers crossed Nicole here despite the foggy conditions things are quiet on the highways take for instance the expressway it's wide open leaving the tunnel all the way to the Braintree split ten or eleven minutes top to bottom plus the HOV lane is back in use that certainly helps the northbound side fine no worries coming in all route three south bound wide open along the south shore you'll make good time from Weymouth down to Kingston had reached twenty four ninety five south are both good really all the way to do it to the not New Hampshire the Rhode Island line up to the north one twenty eight's good about thirty minutes from the pike up to route one in Peabody had a steady ride continues Ruwan into Danvers in Topsfield routes three and ninety three north are good up to the New Hampshire line the mass turnpike westbound he's clear I'll pass for ninety five into Milbury into Auburn and it's pretty quiet downtown as well if you're coming in you can use the lower deck of ninety three the Tobin bridge invalid even stroke Dr looking good coming in fast the Longfellow bridge miking for WBZ's traffic on the threes right right now to the four day WBZ accu weather forecast it'll be a fair amount of clouds into tonight's we'll see a low around sixty four on average tomorrow will be a more humid day with the gusty breeze.

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