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And they are i mean one of my friends i think you even make me nobody i don't wanna use his name just sent a letter to chuck schumer ready sent me a copy of it we resigning from the democratic party this guy i've noticed got for decades he has been a major democratic donor he resigned from the party's he's never giving any money to a democrat again that's how angry he is uh and but i wanna i wanna read something that i just got did you know um you i don't know if i pronounce his name right eugene per year now i don't i don't know him he gene is one of the most brilliant political leaders in america the guy is just brilliant he he yeah he ran for like a an a a seat in washington dc city council he actually was on some minor parties some socialist party i should say running for vice president and he's a wider and but but the guy is just absolutely brilliant and and he he he said something that i think is worth repeating i'm i'm i'm gonna be reproduced it on my blog but it's not there yet i i just wanted to read it i think it's important for people who are upset about what happened to uh to franken okay uh told i'm gonna read it word for word just historically here there was always a push for the civil rights movement to moderate itself was subject itself purely to the political demands of the democratic party at the moment the argument was that if they did not it would cause a white backlash that could kill the momentum on civil rights legislation priorities in fact the 1966 election was a backlash election indeed kill the open housing bill but who your wants to argue the mississippi freedom democratic party should have taken those two season shut up further the same bill ended up passing after the uprising.

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