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And proceeded home arriving there at approximately nine mpm when we pulled into our driveway. We are greeted at the backyard gate by Dan and a friend of his by the name of Ken. I believe his name is workman. Dan indicated that Ken had heard that Dan was home in wanted to visit. Since this was a long distance called Church to my phone the starting in time of the call would be accurately recorded by the phone company which is. At and T.. During that conversation my wife I spoke with Deborah with my wife speaking on the phone in the adjacent Dan and me on the bedroom phone during the entire conversation I was sitting on the bed and Dan was at the foot of the bed. Listening listening to the conversation at some point asked Debra if she would like to speak to Dan to which she responded affirmatively at that time. Dan moved to the Dan adjacent to my bedroom and my wife and I remained in the bedroom. Dan then spoke to my daughter alone until the end of that conversation and which was approximately twelve. Fifteen am at that time. Daniel went to his room and I began to read a book in my bed. My my wife was at first reading later turned over and went to sleep at approximately twelve thirty. Am I heard a shrill in lengthy scream coming from the area in front of our house. The head of my bed is against the Lee road side of the House. And there's a window adjacent. The window was closed although the storm window was up. Although we're used to unusual sounds and activities emanating from Lee Road at all times of the day and night. This scream was particularly distressing and alarming. I immediately called out to Daniel. who was in his bedroom? This was relatively easy due to the fact that we had a connecting bathroom between our two room and the door. My side of the bathroom was open. I said something to the fact of Dan. Did you hear that to achieve responded. Yes I then heard him move to his window facing Lee road and hurt the window. Being opened by myself immediately turned off the table lamp on my bedside table and lifted the panel on the Venetian Asian blind and looked out till he rode. I said nothing unusual as I looked out. I can't recall whether there was any vehicular the traffic at the time but things did seem quite quiet while I was looking out the window. Dan came into my bedroom. My first inclination was to run outside and see what happened. Realizing I was stark naked. I quickly looked at Dan to determine if he was more fully. Close the NI- seeing that he had on essentially the same clothes on that he had been wearing the last time I saw him. I particularly noted it and even questioned him about whether he had anything on his feet. Why then noticed? He was wearing a pair of brown mock since this was important to me because because I knew he could get out quicker than me. Dan Ran downstairs to the front door while I quickly put on a pair of blue jogging pants and a t shirt and a pair of sandals a slip on sandals. I quickly Rian downstairs after Dan. By the time I was on the first floor of the house. Dan had opened the front door in storm door which we kept locked and bolted and was proceeding down the steps and across the lawn toward Lee road. I may sell only went as far as our front steps at that time. Ask Dan if he saw anything. He was looking in all directions but primarily towards south woodland. and which is in fact the direction that I thought the sounds were coming from. Dan told me saw nothing unusual. I don't know his exact words but they indicated that there was no unusual activity at the time. Nothing looked out of place to me either again. The general traffic patterns seem quite as well at that time. Danae return to the house. Neither one of us left the bounds of our property. We locked the doors and return to the upstairs bedroom a dream my wife remained in bed. We told her what we'd seen or not seen. There was a brief discussion about perhaps calling the police release. I don't remember what my wife and sunset but remember saying or thinking that we'd seen nothing unusual and then it probably wasn't necessary what was going through my mind at that time was that the screams may been coming from a passing car and that the person person in distress had probably left the area then went back to bed and began to read my book my wife Turnover and went back to sleep. I I fell asleep after reading less than a page of the buck and was woken by my son that time. He was telling me something about Lisa in a bicycle in the police. It wasn't understanding while because I was just coming out of a fairly sound sleep but I quickly grasped that something further was going on related to the scream I had heard earlier. I still had on the clothes I put on to go and investigate the scream. So immediately went downstairs with Dan to. Let's see what was happening. Dan and I walked out to the front of the property down the driveway. At which point I noticed two police cars parked next to the curb. There was no policemen incite. Dan was telling me something about finding Lisa's bicycle and calling the police. I couldn't understand why Lisa's bicycle would be near our house. I gradually found out by questioning. Dan that Leeson he had communicated some time that evening. Doc and that Lisa had indicated to him that she wanted desperately to see him because she had not seen him much during the past month that he'd been in the hospital hospital. They had apparently discussed the possibility that Lisa would come to our house that evening. I asked Dan. How would he know that Lisa was coming? I mean and he mentioned something about her planning to throw a pebble at his window. Dan was at that point. Obviously upset distressed by what he'd seen. He told me that he had found. Lisa's bicycle in the bushes of the house just to the south of ours that information coupled with the screen remind heard earlier increased my own anxiety greatly. I begin to worry more about what might have happened at twelve thirty am I am. I don't know the exact time that all of this occurred but it will be sometime after the policeman had arrived and spoken talking with my son at that point. Dan and I returned to her house. Dan Sat and watched television on the the first floor while my wife and I tried to reconstruct what had happened and to see if there was anything we could do to help the officers. There's at the scene. Were quite preoccupied with their work therefore there was not much that we could do so he tried to keep out of their way at one in point my wife and I saw what appeared to be civilians on our tree lawn in embrace we immediately went out to see if there was anything we could do to help and immediately encountered the parents of Lisa paranoid at that time. We asked them if they knew what was happening. Mr Pruitt said it looked as if there was a dead girl in the bushes. He attended to move in the direction of the bushes in question and was restrained by an officer. My wife and I offered to have the Peretz come into our home until the police needed them. They refused our our offer and having nothing else to do we went back into our house. We came out one more time and spoke to a uniformed officer asking if we could help or if he knew what had happened at that point he said they were dealing with foul play and we began to suspect the worst. We went back into the house and stayed there until the plain clothes police rang our bell. At which point. We escorted escorted them to our dining room table and provided a statement which included some of the above. By this time Daniel had gone to his bedroom turned out the light and was asleep sometime. Prior to the arrival of the plainclothesman our neighbor across the street Mrs Hall Telephone Spoke Primarily Talk to my wife in an attempt to find out if we knew what had happened in the course of that conversation Mrs Hall. Use The word murder. During part of that conversation I listened in on our extension. My wife mentioned something to Mrs Hall about Dan's girlfriend and her bicycle but stated that we knew nothing about a murder. This was in fact before the officer had used the term foul play to us. Mrs Hall was obviously prying for Information and my wife tried to cut her off without discussing the matter. Further until more facts were known. Mrs Hall is something of a gossip and we didn't want to feed information to her. This is detective. Richard Mullany with Shaker Heights. Police Department interviewing one Robert C.. Dreifort dreifort what do you give me your son's full name please. Daniel Robert Dreifort is your son student. And if so where yes shaker heights. High School to your knowledge. How long has your son known Lisa? pruitt they'd been classmates classmates for at least a year as far as I know they've also been members of the marching band for as long as two years and I'm not sure if they knew each other in junior high school. I'm only recently aware of her becoming a special friend among the many friends that Dan has and I have I've heard him referred to her as his girlfriend a few times over the past six months. She's been a guest in her home on a couple of -CATIONS and I'm sure they've met socially through mutual friends and acquaintances and share interests. Could you tell me who Ken Workman is where he lives and his phone number. If you you haven't. Ken Workman is a friend of my daughter. And my son he lives in an apartment on North Moreland. Me have his address and phone phone number at home. But I don't know what offhand was there any friction between yourself and your son over his relationship with Lisa pruitt absolutely not in fact my wife and I had gone out of our way to invite Lisa to spend the entire afternoon with us when Dan and was visiting home last Sunday. September Ninth Nineteen Ninety. Unfortunately I never got to know Lisa. Very well only having met at her a couple of occasions but she seemed like a nice girl and one that I approved a Dan spending his time with. Were you aware that Lisa Pruitt was to visit your son between twelve thirty. Am and one am on the morning of September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety. No now the first time I had an inkling of that was when Dan Awoke me and announced that he had found the bicycle and the police were outside. Were you aware at any time. Prior to the above incident that Lisa Pruitt may have visited your son under similar circumstances. No I had no inkling that may have happened when you and your wife were in your bedroom just prior to hearing the scream you stated that your bedroom and your son's bedroom have a bathroom in between and at the door leading from the bathroom to your bedroom was open. Was the door or leading from the bathroom to your son's bedroom open. No so that I understand you correctly from where you're lying in your bed. You could not visually see your son in his room. Is that correct. I could not see him when you first heard the scream outside and you and your son went to investigate. Did your son come into your room prior to going downstairs and outside.

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