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The president also told supporters not to boom north korea south came to my office after having gone to north quit see kim jong own and now it's very positive now after the meeting you may do that but now we have to be very nice because let's see what happens let's see what happens voters and pennsylvania's 18th congressional district head to the polls on tuesday in a special election or abc news here's some sam nunn burger former trump campaign aide to testify this week before special counsel robert muller's grand jury numbered held a number of bizarre cable news interviews earlier this week saying he would ignore the grand jury subpoena you soon changed his mind vladimir putin if you look at it objectively is really taking advantage of the president lundberg says he is worried about president trump in southern california and accused cop killer was taken into custody saturday following a standoff that started friday this standoff went on for over seventeen hours eventually the alleged gunman captured seen coming out of an apart men in his underwear in handcuffs he's accused of killing officer gregory casillas by firing through a door casillas was a new officer says pomona police chief michel oliveira he was just about to complete field training before the incident happened governor jerry brown has released a statement offering his condolences and saying flags here in california will be flown at half staff alex stone abc news los angeles second injured officer is in the hospital in stable condition a woman who's been the legal guardian of former soldier albert wong who killed three employees at a veterans treatment center in california says he was calm and softspoken but had a hard time readjusting after his deployment in afghanistan wall street close friday with the dow gaining four hundred and 40 points this is abc news required listening with amazon music had music again the greatest guitarist of all time waite who alexa add this song to a new playlist sure what's the.

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