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That comes in his seems to light up yeah i me teams that a not notorious three point shooters all of a sudden you know yeah it in threes from all over the place yeah yeah no i i mean hand they got they got to get the hand in the face i mean you know opposing to should be a dominant defense partners yeah it's i can't for the life for me figure out what you know what it's going to take i truly think what they have to do the biggest start the biggest kick start to this draft is figure out a way to get rid him now all whatever you can get form don't resign rose in the offseason that's fifteen million bucks right there off year plus you know two people that probably don't fit the kind of system that you want to run right back tonight and it's not it's not a kill on either one of the players they're both great players unknown right my it's just this is not the place for them yeah and and you start over you have a little nucleus a some good young players yeah give a couple of veterans that hurt matthews in really good tonight i have no no problem with with lee i have no problem with you know what as an even bother me out he's not play in the greatest but i think if you put better players around him with the fence in his game comes right back yeah he's expected to do everything by himself and it's just not fair yeah and quincy center oh quinn quinn you know i love quinn yeah yeah any five quinn's over sometimes probably but i'll tell you what i guarantee to play a lot better de thing and play solid the they are they are you know what they just the the guided cohesive you hear the all these different guys they'll have their own like skill sets but the none of them are cohesive should maybe cohesive by now and i jaclyn exactly but you got a bunch of alpha male type guys attend the world revolves around and they got it how often male.

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