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The Mus for the favorite and Powell Polack hausky for Cold War, which is film that came out of nowhere ever even heard of it. But someone campaigned hard for the. So Alan Koran one for Roma. And again, you haven't seen this. I can see that film was really a love letter to Mexico Akkad tell it was very personal. And it's just it's such an interesting film. Okay. What Chit see of in grosses you? It's it's three hours long about almost nothing. And I enjoyed it. I didn't I didn't love it like some people worship this film. But I do appreciate its aunt. And how it was made with so much love and passion. So that's director good old alpha Cronyn, I love him as a director. He's fantastic best song. So you had shallow from lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. She won the Oscar for very very Pap -solutely to me that was a shoe in. I actually didn't even remember the other songs that was one from like. Yeah. The BUSTER of ballots Strug's and from Black Panther on stuff. The song was amazing. And again, we've talked about it that that performance just kind of blew everything out of the water. It really was incredible best original music school. She had Black Panther your black klansman Mary Poppins returns. I love dogs, and if Beale street to talk they were the nominees and Black Panther one. Well, I loved about that was for film made like, you know, predominantly by these African American people it was this really like German looking guy was like aren't be of day would log. What your old guy? What's his name? Forgive me. Like Ludwig van Duke. VM even that an accident. It was just so funny to me he was like as white as white can be with long hand. It looks like he won't straight out of Baheen rhapsody. Yeah. The music from panther was fantastic. Good. You're totally right. The Oscars at did win. It really deserves. It really did. You know, I liked that. Because honestly of et one best picture, or you know, if one like an acting thing I would have been like are they? Are they giving it as a politically correct thing? I'm just saying no disrespect like Mike will be doing knows mazing in that movie. But I didn't feel like Oskar were these they truly deserve. When I especially when I took the competition's like, I totally see that. That's that's deserving. Okay. Good. And then see what other categories were just some of the main wants to talk about. Okay, good. So of course, we have best actor Bradley Cooper for a star is born was nominated Christian bale for vice who was like the favorite everyone thought. He was absolutely a show into win. Looks pretty good from the I mean, he's won supporting actor for the fighter, but he's never won best actor, and again, he totally transformed for this ROY gained sixty pounds to play Dick Cheney, blah, blah, blah, Remmy Malik for Bahia wraps, the he was the actual popular favorite like all the all the fans wanted him to win. But it was kind of almost like the underdog because bay was getting older kudos. He ended up winning which was beautiful. And each was. So sweet we'll talk about that in a minute. And then Willem Defoe attorneys gay. He plays Vincent Van Gogh. I haven't seen that yet. I mean, I love Willem Dafoe. So it's great to see him nominated and then Vigo Mortenson for green book, and I love Vigo. Yes. Let's talk about Remmy Malik winning. I mean, I was totally rooting for him. And I was so happy to see him win. Yeah. And his. Yeah. It was it was really sweet he just he was really communicating how how fast society has come right in what kind of films now making what were shining a spotlight on. He made this point which someone on again social media managed to make into a bad thing..

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