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The races loaded top to bottom with speed to the point where you know, who's gonna make the lead can't flame away get hooked in. We'll that cost weight. Well, I don't think he's going to make lead. And I think that works out in his favor. So I can't get off flame. Why I tried to? I tried to beat them last night. And I couldn't I couldn't manage it. So flame away for me in the challenger. And in the Columbia. We talked last night. The Marty, and I had dinner with the Trump bet is and I asked Mike about global access who. When into the allowance at Gulfstream Mike expecting air to him really take to it. And he did not run. Well, Mike got a couple of excuses there. But you got a lot of options how about proliferate to Kassian Grossberg and Chad Brown brings back a horse somewhat similar to blow out that he sent over cross state for the debut win digital age for Seth klaren an invincible spirit one of the horses that I think one of the horses that chat and Seth bought abroad at the sale and Jerome avenue for Kimmel. I think deserves a long look. Yeah. I I agree. This is an incredibly tough race. I gave a slight edge bluegrass Parkway in here. I think the horse had excuses in his last two I tell you what because I'm such big replay guy. And I think you should be with today's. Technologies. No reason why you're not watching the replays as a handicapper of Chad Brown's digital age, while the horse only beat associated of maidens could not have had a worse trip. I mean, everything that could go wrong right on. Absolutely. And and the all the company all the common lines off slow steady. Doesn't say how many times it checked and how wide it was the tire tyrez impossible. You cannot win from digital age one. And the way he wanted the end my goodness that was impressive. And you know, what you get a rod Ortiz, and it might offer value, and that horse could have really bright future. There are your stakes action. There isn't all stakes pick five that we just encompassed the Columbia the challenger the Hillsborough, the Florida oaks and the Tampa Bay derby. And of course, the Florida oaks and Thapa bay derby combined with the Gotham and the butcher and the honeybee for the cross country pick five and these races that we're talking about the late races will be on the Fox Sports. To telecast tomorrow as well for thirty to seven horse or to Andrew to give everybody something to the Bill to bankroll early on the card among those main races races two and three or maiden specials in the both pretty nice. I'm actually gonna play a little double with both Owen Hardee's in race two journeymen who might go favorite in that field. I thought that they'd be was okay comes out of a monster race just way too fast and stretch it's gonna help that horse, and oh and Hari general. He's about one for a million with first time starter. So I don't mind horse getting beat on debut. But even the outside horse. Peppermint crunch thing jumps away up. So I'm gonna use both Owen Hardee's into a horse named stamp of Philly for Ben colebrook in race number three rod or TS gets the call off the bench comes out of the stellar field at Ellis Park. Couple of next out winters already. I'm hoping stamp will be another next start winter. So there's my early double hoping to build a decent. Bankroll into that all stakes pick five so one nine with two..

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