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Purchased purchase school when they were having breakfast next morning. And none of them wanted to leave. I was really hoping. They would stay another day. Like, we always do. That's so us. I just episode was sober. Here's what here's my thoughts. Are the whole controversy was surrounding Torit literature and say one word these last two like she's really she's so her she's I think she's mortified. Like, I think she knows that she talked up. And like, yes, this is everyone's defend all the L stands. None of this would have happened. If to read hadn't done that injury. Fully well knows that which is why she's not really defending herself that much but at the end of the day. Okay. It did happen. Like how how how did we get here? By the way, I think the fact that it happened time before also entry did exactly what she was supposed to do make certain even more innocent in this. It's like having and I did the right thing idea what you would want to do. And I was having to get him doing something else because this woman loves this dog, and but also like wire banner pump dogs like baiting everyone. I mean their rescue dogs rescue dogs. Do that's a problem that they have their aggressive and for a lot of people. It's not a big deal. If you live on a big farm and have no kids. But like, yeah. When you live in a house in Beverly Hills where everything is delicate, and you have two small kids, and you take the by that husbands knows even though your husband might have needed it. Like you never not right. But I think also the one the fact that this Duret has done exactly what Dan pointing Pasa she's not a bad person. And to it's like she keeps trying to rescue dogs, and it's not working just shows how much she loves dogs and she wants to rescue. And I think she's really embarrassed the whole thing, which is why she's not really talking. About it that much. I mean, I'm just so confused because up until Lisa van Trump went home. I was like they got pitch when Lisa vendor pump is wrong. Her go to getting up in the non she got him unless she didn't want to discuss it with anyone. She didn't wanna get into nitty gritty her playing dumb. Teddy was so rich. It was like you really smart. Why are you acting right now? And Kyle teddy said to Kyle Kyle, you explained all of the way I was feeling at lunch today. Right. She's I guess why acting like so confusing so stupid. Let's go to move when she's caught it's to get up. Any other instance, Teddy's accountability is frustrating. But it's like, no these are to be held accountable. And that's why they run in accountability. Coach then these text messages, and honestly when the episode ended I was like really upset and heartbroken. But I'd read teddy Mellon camps blog. Log because at that. I'm not I don't have no allegiance to anyone. But I do believe that teddy camp is not allies truth teller. Yeah. I mean, just like just getting to know her and whatever I don't think she's alive. I love how that how she's positioned herself. Like, I don't li-. I only tell you. So now take going forward. I know that if she says something, it's the truth. That's a great place to be in for her except how she explaining this one. Okay. So it's actually because the way that they left episode is like, oh, Teddy's totally lying Ted. He was the one who wanted to be brought up. That's what the text messages. So here is Teddy's thing verbatim. Here. The main bullet points for the dog saga. This does far John blizzard. Call me to tell me the dog for at least a banner pumps request knowing that to read and I were in a bad place. He tells me that to re wouldn't call Lisa back. And that Lisa wanted to text her teddy knows in an effort to get her to respond as you see confirmed in the same with me and Lisa tonight. LV did text rate quote. Teddy knows yes, I originally agreed to be a part of this mess and ask John blizzard to have the dog there. I wasn't just going to bring it up out of thin air..

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