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Why don't you do you talked about the astor's you've talked about prospects and there's no new college baseball to be heard so that was it that was your moment you missed it maury visit us hurried to be fair i don't hate college baseball anymore than any other college board i'm i'm very just a apathetic about college sports in general and the only reason i never opine about the other ones is that i don't do a podcast with anyone who brings them up and so that has it i've i've more pro college baseball than i am any other college sport really all right this sorts from average top hackler early 2018 college world series at national prediction saleh will meet myself for this one all right oregon state they were by leaps and bounds the best team in in the country last year they bring back a lotta people weird circumstances drew rasmussen i didn't get signed the number thirty one overall pick in a very bizarre situation with tampa bay but not nearly as bizarre as luke heimlich who was one of the um the top pitchers in the country last year and was a came out on the eve of the nc aa tournament that he had pled guilty to child molestation which caused overall off of draft boards and he's coming back to school so i say what you will about that situation but he is a very good pitcher in oregon state's going a use of next year so i mean there's a this took a little bit of a turn but if this and that's probably the most talented team coming back of florida brings back singer car and a lot of pitching talent there are always always talented tissues always talented they're going to have jared chance ac and nickel dolo other their top to pitchers coming back next year i really really liked that program and uh we're gonna i'm gonna wind up explaining why lou can baker is the number one overall draft pick likes he's just incredibly talented hitter he's just i saw him at a tournament houston when he was a freshman he's a biggest eight he was the biggest 18yearold i've ever seen.

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