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To grey gardens the maizels very carefully crafted that footage together to really emphasize the tragedy of the bills and so here i think like that some only works if you think of as a prequel to great garden if you think as just giving a little bit of context as to how the maizels such close access with the bills new see the house in worse repair because a lot of the footage is actually lea rods will try to fend off all these inspectors from the board of health or even just trying to salvage all these parts of the house yes we're only works addition to greg one of those okay we are joined now by the fabulous thank you list toni collette guys i'm pretty good how about yourselves we're pretty good i think we're pretty good i'm still a little bit scarred from hereditary all you've seen it we've both seen it yeah okay i saw over a week ago and i'm still not quite or k i'm sorry and i'm kind of redo look anything about movies i'm excited to go and see just wanna go and see him this one i didn't even know the jomon which is kind of new for me i think it's great to see any film called not knowing anything it's kind of ideal but i think one of the things i liked about this is it's not i mean it isn't just a horror film i know easier if it can definitely escalate into that area but it's also like this really incredibly onus look at grief as family dynamics and how they changed when people going through that lawson pain for those who do lights no a little bit about what they going see how this this film up i'm way your character.

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