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Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Now rob wood fork Well, the nationals won't get the shutout in Texas stick, but they are trying to hold on for the victory. They lead the rangers 6 to one top of the 8th inning, Jackson tatro got to the 7th, where he gave up a hit and an RBI sac fly to end his rather productive outing at 99 pitches, the nationals offense, showing up early. They got three of the 6 runs scored on Nelson Cruz hits. He's two for four at the plate. Josh bell three for four with an RBI. And so the Nats hoping this 6 runs actually adding to it wouldn't hurt either, but right now trying to hang on to a 5 run lead. Late in that contest, the Orioles just wouldn't get the four game sweep, the White Sox for the first time in 27 years, Chicago holds on for a four three victory to end the O's four game win streak. Now the Orioles next opponent might be a little shorthanded when the hose come to town, the Seattle Mariners just part of a full team brawl with the Los Angeles angels that lasted 18 minutes and saw 6 players and both managers ejected. We'll see how that affects that series with the O's as they move to Seattle next at congressional country club in Bethesda in G Chun held on to win the women's PGA Championship by one stroke over minji Lee and Lexi Thompson, despite blowing today's three stroke lead and she led by as many as 6 strokes at the midway point of the tournament. So Chun hangs on, she's now got three majors to her credit. Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final that's about three hours away from puck drop in Tampa Bay or actually in Colorado is a try to stave off elimination. They will try to do it without brayden point who will sit this out his fourth straight game in the series, of course the Colorado victory ends it and gives the avalanche your third cup victory. Rob woodfork WTO sports. Okay, rob, where at 5 17

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