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Six women accused CBS chief less move us of sexual harassment in a new Ronan Farrow piece for the New Yorker four women said that moon vests, forcibly touched for kissed them during business meetings and to set that he physically intimidated them or threatened to rail their careers for the time being however, CBS board members are remaining by his side while they seek outside counsel because this is the first I've heard of this. They're very shocked why I heard about this like six months ago. Right? Let's just say that when you're at a random party in Hollywood and people are like, I hear running Faeroes next piece is going to be about les Moonves as the CBS board knows about it. Yeah, right. They probably knew about ten fifteen years ago when these women were first being sexually harassed by this man. Also, do you know what I is the sad upshot of these articles. Finally being reacquainted with. Actresses I haven't thought about in a while like Ileana Douglas. How's she doing? Oh, wait terribly because les Moonves has victimized her. It's like this. Where are they? Now a special, these Ronan Farrow articles where you get reacquainted with people, you thought you lost to just the consequence of Hollywood, but no, actually, more of a man got in their way. Aside from the fact that we talked that people were, you know, intimating that the story might come out was the surprising less never really seemed like a Harvey Weinstein, but I mean, I know this is not surprising because he's a man with power. I was going to say and also at CBS where I believe they're most diverse show was like the extras of two broker oils. Shomar more in a show of all white people solving mystery. Oh yes, right. Yeah. Now not surprising, our trash, trash, trash, trash, trash, trash, CBS, so they making the registration now, is it right to seek the outside counsel? I guess they have to legally, but the board decided not to do anything. I think they're probably like, well, he probably didn't rape anyone. That's the bad one right that they feel that he can probably skate by and they can send it to some rehab center and he can apologize. And that's part of the problem. When you make Harvey Weinstein, the bar for bad behaviour, anything under Harvey Weinstein. So many people are like, oh, well, we can. We can work through that and it's like, no, this is still shitty. He probably deserves to lose his job. You don't have to sexually assault someone violently in order to not be competent to to serve in the role that you're in. Also, I just believe these women, I believe Ileana Douglas, I believe the women in the story. So I just think it'd be smart for less Moonves to step down after doing it for. Seventy years anyway with his trillions of dollars. Does he need to keep doing this? I mean, he probably still thinks I drew a genius. So I mean, I know mocking barber shop. I will also commend Stephen Colbert who has the late show on CBS and open his show with a monologue about how accountability is for everybody. I don't know what's going to happen, but I do believe in accountability and not just for politicians. You disagree with everybody believes in accountability until it's their guy and make no mistake. Let's move as my guy. He hired me to sit in this chair. He stood behind this show while we were struggling to find our voice. He gave us the time and the resources to succeed. And he has stood by us when people were mad at me and I like working for him. But accountability is meaningless unless it's for everybody, whether it's the leader of a network or the leader of the free world. We'll be right back. He called out moon vast, the same way he called out Charlie rose. When those allegations happened. And you know, I liked that. He continues to be a man who will sort of use his power to call out people because he knows ain't nobody fire in Stephen Colbert that's there is a TV writer. I think Owen Alexander who who tweeted this over the weekend and it really was the sentiment. I wrote a piece in the guardian a couple of months ago about the NFL and the kneeling and the protesting where if every black player in the NFL is like, I'm not playing on Sunday, you better goddamn believe that they are going to let them kneel during the fucking national anthem if every star of a CBS show, if the.

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