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This is Stacey on her motorcycle. this is Stacey off her motorcycle is this a secret listen at all on her motorcycle. for motorcycle it's financed at cetera not accessorize. and I'll hear better on your bike with basic policy starting at seventy five dollars here call today progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company will bring for basically. states Somers ending and savings are back in business with dell's Labor Day sale small businesses can save up to forty percent on select business computers with Intel core processors plus free shipping on everything including a wide selection of thousands of top brand electronics give are specially trained small business technology advisors a call they can help you find just the right tech to fit your business with Labor Day savings visit dell dot com slash business deals or call eight seven seven by dell that's eight seven seven by tell. WZVN news time six oh three I'm Michael Phil ability on the six eighty W. C. B. Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour the Maryland US attorney's office announced today a new federal strike force made up of detectives prosecutors and federal agents who will take down violent gangs and drug trafficking organizations in Baltimore their mission is to dismantle the organizations and their financial infrastructure three people injured in a row home fire in east Baltimore Llewellyn Avenue around nine thirty this morning officials confirm to people jump from a second story window to escape the flames a prince George's county police lieutenant is accused of sexually assaulting a woman while he was off duty in February of twenty seventeen lieutenant Richard talent has been indicted on a second degree sex offense charged in sports baseball the Orioles have dropped four of their last five games they open up a seven game home stand beginning with a four game weekend series against Texas tomorrow night a political race course in Baltimore ninety three eighty eight at laurel park reporting at six oh four I'm Michael Phil ability six eighty WCBS news man how can.

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