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Lake of water and they've been scratching their heads for all of that late get there well it are you temple competitor you'll see that's all um volk volcanic rock big rourke and uh consequently you're gonna find to be really good looking at it that uh there is vulcan newsham underneath a antarctica who and so all we have to do is just turnaround look at mother nature sell and she she changes we've saying periodically depending on how we uh the volcanoes going around the volcano we're talking things that could call it doesn't swing its pendulum back and forth every 10 to 20 years like they would like us to believe which i really do think they think we're so stupid we want remember twenty years ago well you know that's a they think were that stupid delegate i think of their their third that stupid we think we will remember but you got to remember what we're getting out of the public schools now yes i used to be one of those public school teachers interesting and i think things change but you can't believe those now with this uh i'm sorry i struggle with my breathing now but the common core um yeah where where gortat i'm gonna say goals twenty one but that how dare he way were indoctrinating now rather than tracy we're out of time but yes i totally agree in fact the gates just came out and basically said the common core was a blender finely it's nice to have kind finally have him say something about at the denotes the failure that it's been called the ultimate failure the poor poor thing about it is our kids and what they have been taught a crazy math in the crazy earth day staff mean let's concentrate on the constitution earth day gets entire week can you imagine it's insane it's an urging earth day the earth week at the in that public slow the right back he dies him.

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