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That was. A real time Jekyll and Hyde transformation. Right that's like I remember when I was a kid and and you'd see. A movie where there's like some sort of transformation? Like American werewolf in. London and you see the transformation have. You can't wait for that moment I want. To see what it looks like when they transfer he transformed For a guy who was just hey I'm happy I wanna game, into a raving lunatic and. The sound doesn't do it Justice like. He gets this crazed look on his face it was a, simple question It was a, simple, fair question. Asked with smile on face and song and heart and to her credit Maria tail just she she was not flustered by it. At all he was though Because he's reportedly called to. Apologize for high behaved and okay. Nick Sabin apologized for being Nick Sabin mean if he's going to start apologizing for being who. He is he's going to spend all of. His time apologizing He is who, he is he ain't change in at sixty seven He is who he is The real question is and I remember when I was a kid and maybe this is a segment We need to do separately in the program Psychoanalyze Nick Sabin and I'll address whether or not Nick Sabin and those like him are about to become extinct. In football in the next ten to twenty years that's something. We'll talk about later in. The program for now we'll take a quick break when we return an. NFL coach Shu acted a little like Nick Sabin we're gonna play you the full three. Minutes of Doug Peterson, and his mini-meltdown from Sunday when PF NBC sports radio. Update starts now The SEC. Shows up again.

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