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B. O. I'm Kevin Rafe useful information Tony Marino tonight here on Orlando's evening news widespread heavy rainfall across Orlando right now creating quite the best ride home for those of you who are going into the office take a look at the interactive radar coming up machine or some problem spots are on the road as well first though is our top story but for tonight Minneapolis our nation really the world has witnessed this incredibly and disturbing loss of life the F. B. I.'s asking for witnesses to the death of a man in police custody in Minnesota yeah federal investigators are now conducting a robust investigation into the death of Georgia Floyd Floyd died after a police officer knelt on his neck during arrest this week it must be proven that the subject took action or did not take action when he or she I knew that was wrong I chose to do it anyway it was U. S. attorney Erica macdonald moments ago she explained that the federal investigation will determine if the police officer's actions violated federal criminal laws the case has sparked violent protests in Minnesota and other demonstrations across the nation Minnesota's governor has actually activated the Minnesota National Guard to maintain peace governor Tim walls releasing a statement that he is activating the National Guard following requests from local leaders after extensive damage to private property occurred and peaceful protests evolved into a dangerous situation for protesters and first responders he says guard members will protect people including the people safely demonstrating and small business owners Thursday more damage was reported as protesters clashed with police outside of a target store in Saint Paul that's A. B. C.'s Ryan burl reporting coming up crews have reached a milestone in the construction of a Y. a south terminal have that update next on Orlando's evening news six point five W. DPO Orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic on John Terry heavy to severe storms and rumbling through the I. four quarter it's going to be wet till sunset tonight another round of gusty storms.

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