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So I mean in terms of you know being in the game for so long and just kind of recognizing all the pitfalls and just kind of knowing like the stuff. It's How would you say? There's something it's not hopeless, but there's certain things that just won't change and we just have to recognize certain things about the industry. That's just the way it is. So we have to kind of find another way around it or find her own opportunities. So it's a good way in a lot of ways I think that kind of speaks to that wisdom the older wisdom as far as like knowing who we are and knowing what we're trying to make and not try to be so reactive to every little note that we get from this and US you know. So, I mean usually was huge in driving this project from that point of view as well. Just being are even kill. Awesome. All right. Let me kick it to fill if you WANNA follow up on what the good of getting to the. Middle Is. Well. The thing that is a fact of life is that we all get old. And we we all of us do. But I think the good part of getting to the middle is that. You have a group with which you're doing it together right? no-one no-one ages under owed. Time passes. Which is what makes them movie like the paper, tiger? It's like so enjoyable it's like you know like, Oh this hits me square like I get. I get this and eventually someone else will watch this someone who's younger they'll get older watched us in the bill like, Shit. Man, I, get this you know. And so It's that feeling that like you're in this together like I'm not doing this by myself like I definitely relate to the fact that. Shit hurts a little bit more than it used to. You like just The simplest action is like Oh my God can throw at my back..

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