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But of course as i was writing this this song i knew that i wanted to i wanted to somehow make some connection to the film filmon and so um you'll hear in several lyrics of the of the song um some some very a distinct nods to it's a wonderful life so here are the lyrics that were inspired by a it's a wonderful life uh the first reference is in a letter bells keep on ringing making angels in the snow red mountain ski lowering may man angels in the snow and may leaders occurs in his show those lines are of course in reference to the ever famous line that zubay lee says at the end of the film every time a bell rings and angel gets it swings aside definitely wanted to not only not too it's a wonderful life but i wanted to to gives you a little bit of a nod in the song as well uh and then a most notable um probably most obviously like the pedals in our pockets may we remember who we are unconditionally care for by those who share our broken hearts lagged in bad news in our partners newlyremarried remember finish macos oh man and those lyrics are of course in reference to george bailey's triumphant realization that he is loved to is important to all those that love him and uh as he finds is who's pedals in his pocket in a total sino there's there's a scene in the film or george bailey is sitting at a bar and he's praying for his luck to change and he says a few words to god a single and barely noticeable tear false you should really watch it i think of the clippers is on youtube m if you don't remember but the that that that one tier is is really beautiful in it's it's very subtle but he gets up to leave and someone punches square in the face and honestly i have no idea why that particular seen means so much to me but every time i see it and and i'm sure maybe as they get older i'll i'll figure out why exactly it speaks to me in resonates with me but there's something really vulnerable ends um relatable two to that moment and.

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