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In scoring defense and allowing just 11 goals in two NCAA tournament wins defender Abby vosko I think speaking offensively we've just been playing together and communicating really well and just being a cohesive unit and when we play together it's that's when we're really clicking and playing great Tariffs will be on semi home turf today The game will be played in Baltimore on the campus of Johns Hopkins University a 65 minute drive from campus coach Kathy Reese It's a really memorable experience And I think it's something that's really special And lacrosse is huge in our state And we're proud to represent the university and head up there and give it our best shot Turks and eagles begin at 3 p.m. the Maryland men meet Princeton tomorrow at the national semifinals read previews of both match ups on the sports page at WTO P dot com baseball nationals continue their series with Colorado this evening after Patrick Corbett won his first game of the season last night 7 O 5 start on 1500 a.m. with Aaron Sanchez on the hill Orioles visiting Boston at 7 ten women's professional soccer Washington spirit played the Orlando pride at 7 French Open tennis third round action topsy Novak Djokovic sweeps into the round of 16 while women's winners include coco Goff and Amanda anissa mova and it is official the city open will return to Washington in late July with both men's and women's tournaments Dave Preston WTO sports Top stories we're following for you today on WTO we're following some potentially severe weather a tornado watches in effect for our entire listening area And the severe thunderstorm warning is in effect in parts of fairfax Stafford and Prince William county's and Virginia as well as prince George's and Charles counties in Maryland until 1230 The weather is causing some delays and cancellations at our local airports as people head out for the Memorial Day weekend The 18 year old who shot and killed 19 children and two teachers in an elementary school in Texas was in the building for more than an hour before being killed by law enforcement Salvador Ramos entered the school at 1140 and went inside a fourth grade classroom 12 minutes after he crashed his car into a nearby ditch but it wasn't until about 1258 that he was shot and killed After months of deliberation it appears President Biden has decided how to help Americans struggling with student loan debt The Washington Post says White House officials are planning to cancel $10,000 in student debt per borrower and announcement and details reportedly could come soon Stay with us here on WTO more on the stories coming up in minutes Straight ahead and money news A bus with beds starts D.C. service I'm Jeff label 1148 Traffic and weather on the 8s Let's go to read a Kessler in the WTO traffic center Right now if you're in Maryland on eastbound 50 trying to get to the bay bridge expect to hit the brakes after route two trying to head to the bridge the westbound span not running two way traffic because they're a wind warnings in effect on the bay bridge That doesn't carry any vehicle restrictions But for now two lanes east about two lanes westbound and that 5 mile delay headed toward the bay bridge Now on the route three southbound is the delay coming from four 24 davidsonville road headed toward four 50 defense highway state of the left to get by the crash involving the truck on its side In the Knoxville area 15 and three 40 westbound near ballinger creek pike and Jefferson pike that is a report of a wreck in the district It is the outbound 11th street bridge after M street the crash was along the right side your delays are after south capital street trying to head past the scene 14th street at U street is a report of some fire department activity while in Virginia on 66 westbound before 29 in Gainesville Callers report a huge construction sign board blew into the roadway It is in the left center lane really watch out for that Also eastbound 66 has delays through front royal after three 40 and 5 22 the left lane was getting by the vehicle fire activity on southbound 95 the lanes express lanes are already pointing in the southbound direction but we are seeing delays southbound out of lorton and across the arkan Also the volume right now in Quantico almost fairly solid headed to the rappahannock river bridge celebrate spring with Meadows farms going on now save 20% on all plants Visit one of their 18 nurseries today or Meadows farms dot com Meadows farms plant a little happiness I'm Rita Kessler WTO B traffic And now to storm team four meteorologist Mike centered with more on the severe thunderstorms in our area Most of the immediate metro area now under severe thunderstorm warnings the newest warnings prince George's county Charles county central Stafford county southeastern fairfax county and southeastern Prince William county now under severe thunderstorm warnings until 1230 storm team fall radar showing severe thunderstorms from near montclair to near staffer to their Fredericksburg moving east at 35 miles an hour And this new warning has just come out There's a severe thinner storm warning for the district Montgomery county northwestern prince George's county southeastern loudoun county the city of fairfax Arlington county the city of false church fairfax county and the city of Alexandria This warning goes until 1230 Right now severe thunderstorms are located along the line stretching from lands down to near chantilly to near Lake ridge moving northeast at 40 miles an hour The main thread here will be winds of up to 60 miles an hour Storm team fall radar showing that van a strong to severe thunderstorms stretching from their to Frederick to Leesburg to around the Vienna area on 66 and all the way down to Fredericksburg moving off to the northeast between 40 and 50 miles an hour and we will see this ban of storms came to sweep across the area It'll be out of here by around 2 o'clock when the tornado watch expires The flash road wash continues until 11 o'clock this evening could be another round of severe thunderstorms later this afternoon especially late afternoon into the evening hours these could be severe and they look for partial clearing overnight blows up for 50s to mid 60s could be a passing shower Saturday afternoon with a high near 80 Look for sunshine Sunday and Monday highs 85 to 90 I know Devon Gigi we have a temperature of 76 at Reagan national All right as we continue to watch this forecast for you throughout the day we want to let you know that Mike's forecast is brought to you by Dallas.

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