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Not to me. Those are all passive verbs eyelid for individuals using active verbs. And our actualising on what. They're saying they're going to be doing so look for doers. Those are the ones that just get into it and they just do it. They're not going to talk to you a whole lot about it. They're just going to do it. And that's where you get involved. That's we get activated that's cool. I like that. This racial motivates me. Too god bugs and people come bringing my news. A lot of conversations are each get our folks are looking for their next role. I notice that our industry. It's not something that a lot of these. Many rules are posted. Publicly are but they aren't by feel like maybe twenty percent are but eighty percent are the silicon valley. Who do you know who make an introduction for you. That's right on that. there's sort of. Hey be proactive. Approach some of those leads that the no especially if you're already in the organization but the know who you are because there are some incentive for them like i mentioned the you know the business to bring in recruit there and had the diversity in the team but what about those other avenues where you're nine the inside of a company but then a lot of these opportunities are pretty are hidden because you can imagine that someone in corporate development has to be one of the right hand individuals of let's say ceo level or a cfo level and those come around through relationships. A ceo has to be able to trust you. You don't do that their resume. You don't do that through one interview. You don't do that working to the organization you do that by forming that relationship so when you like an organization learn about understand the strategy reach out to in that organization so they get to know you then you become a part of their ecosystem and that's the thing the insinuate yourself into the organization and then eventually you have the relationships that you need. I have found most people to be kind giving and caring individuals so the moment that you engage with an individual asked them. I'm sure in fact. One hundred percent ninety nine point nine percent of individuals river for you to the right person to get you into the role. Must be a good people. We all want to create the avenue and the space for success. Which is you'd be successful. I'm naturally curious person. I can't help myself if there's something after learned i have to go learn at two hundred and ten degree like i have to go out and everything i think what inspires me is probably my kids and my family is just certain level of living that. I want to have that want to actualize on. There's a certain way that i wanna live my life. Those are the things that drives me. It's my family. That's what i live and die for every day. I want to get into the meat of this interview. Oh what can you do with your corporate development experience after leaving that role or the can you take this so many because those skill sets are awesome. Phenomenal you can go. And you can run any organization once you've done corporate development for a good number of years quite frankly after three years of corporate development. You've got it down pretty past. Maybe challenges off in a different industry may learn another skill set. But i am all about go and run something. That's always been a passion of mine is to run something to grow something to create value where there wasn't great impact. There's so many opportunities to do that. Just have to be created in your thinking. When i did deals. I used to have people that had either sold at entity or who would call me back and say hey listen. We're looking to invest in something. We have a conversation. Are you interested. And i have to tell you that only comes about because of the trust that you developed in those negotiations it in learning about the other organization. Those are really impactful relationships. Those was stick with you for the rest of your profession career. I got a couple follow on questions for this quinn. i may corporate development means. It's a different. Part of the emanate segment when we look in banking high turnover very high turnover to become a banker engine director level. Then your low turnover there. That's your business still times p. Depends if you married in the right family. It's a little different than it was ten twenty years ago you sort of are in the environment where it's not the fastest growing to get to that executive management level. I'm noticing corp dev. I'm curious on your thoughts of around this. I feel like it's a lot of good things. Where the teams are generally smaller. Most of the companies. We end up working with our wanted. Ten billion market cap is usually about three to seven people in corporate development. Hey you're a three person teams not to move up as things grow as well and especially if you're an organization that does scale up. There may efforts it's going well for them. There's a little bit that way. I don't see as much turnover in general corporate development. I feel like there. Is this sort of prestige. Still industry of being head of corporate developments. I've seen some of those folks run ten twenty year long ears and the several. There are a lot of benefits right. You get immediate satisfaction. Having closed deal you have the highs combos within running after deal getting a deal at your hundred your farmer and then you get to go hunt for another deal again sought of excitement in ball in your rohingya organization at an exponential rate which is awesome. I'm sure there's an equity component to compensation which then makes it even more financially exciting for a lot of people. Yes it is a fine position to retire from. But i don't know that that pass exists for a lot of people that pass that you go from having this wonderful role you're there for ten fifteen years in one role in one organization and then you retire from it so to counter that view that is true on the other side. There's low turnover in those roles. So he's go through the low middle levels men. You're sort of gets tougher to get to the senior level roles when we look at options beyond corporate development when people move on they do something else i commonly see. Cfo big time on cfo's especially if they're planning to sell the company. I in there too good leading indicator i see operations a run. This business unit. We acquired this and leadership bounced. Yep somebody to take this over. I've seen that. What else have you seen. So maybe they'll two years in a corporate development role and then after the two years they'll go into an operating unit and they'll go run an operating unit that they were part of a deal. I've seen folks go into treasury after they've been in corporate development. I've seen him go enjoy a lot of other options. Moving them up incrementally as it relates to responsibilities than i might have a title as it was director of ep and be treasury from being a director of corporate development and the critical thinking and problem solving skills and the that the organization has visibility into for any individual corporate development. Team is a wonderful thing. Only good results from that. Frankly there was one team member that i had at one of the organizations rousing corporate development where he laughed and he basically started his own family fund. Once he's got the skill sets of making these mom and pop acquisitions that we were doing at the time and a roll up strategy. He decided he would go out and do the same. And that's what he did. In a very niche market. Very small recently spoke to him because he sold his business really interesting. There's lots of different avenues. I think what binds you is what you think you can or cannot do. It's really self limiting honestly only want to get into that. What are the actual roles. That would be interesting with good. Crossover skillset i like the idea of the family fund even starting in a fund starting a small private equity fund because track records unique in institutional investors. Want to see. Is you know how to manage. Investments at institutional level and you got the experience within the corporate environment you could start a small p. fund folks have been really successful at that because incorporate development you have this mix of the financial analysis the financial engineering experience. You worked for a strategic for an operating entity. You.

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