I Got Gaslit by Netflix - #612


Hey Welcome to the podcast I'm Gus I'm Kevin. Dru, I'm Barbara. And Gus so yes hi, how are you guys? Sixty eight point, nine percent of the audience agrees with Trevor and myself. That the little spoon is the regular spoons. Their. Nearly, seventy percent of the audience is in Lockstep Agreement. I'm going away your drink I'm honestly. So confused by that I think also it wasn't a fair test because I just held up the spoons and no one really got to see them in action. I. Feel Like I. Probably shouldn't have eaten something with both. People understand how spoons work now. You can't tell you need. Balance off of their like, what is the practical application of the big spin? Serving. cuddles. Sure, they're already serving spoon. tablespoon. So we got a great reply when you go to a restaurant but default spoon you get is the little spoon. They'll give you the big spoon. What do you eat with a spoon restaurant? Soup. Soup. Now. Call for your coffee. Yeah. But that's but that's because I guess that's Mug. T would be. So that's why you're getting teeth leave on a salsa or if you're having an dainty desert, maybe use a teaspoon, but that's the only time. I, really think depending. Saying. I'd going crazy by the way again. Off. Through the Salat people saying that the the tablespoon is serving serving. What's spoonful? Then the one tablespoon stop tabling obviously damaged tablespoon you take it off the table You Dunkin you put a straight down your throat with that spoon and that's the news for I. Guess There is the argument that it's called the tablespoon for the table right? So teaspoons not to. Be maybe converting over to the. Guys I might be changing at. So then is it illegal to use a teaspoon for anything other than tea or coffee or beverage in a Mug now? I mean maybe. You. That we've been in quarantine for half a year when the conversation about spoon sizes has now not only encompassed one podcast but has gone into a second cat as the missing has happened between your question. Last week we said we would follow up on it that we were going to ask the community. I. Feel like we'd be being in the community disservice if we didn't address it and and said, literally nothing has happened in my life other than hurt my shoulder which you'll get to in a bit. So. We gotta talk about spoons and I've got I've got to say it feels good as always to be on the right side. You. I'm done I'm done with done witherspoon argument. I can't believe that I'm in the minority here I lost my mind man. Jerk. Your. Table. I'm a table I'm a table being the food spoon I eat with. Because it's On the table with food however I put it to you all of those eating with just a teaspoon. Switched to a tablespoon, tell me tell me how it is I will say this Gal two small this weekend I want I was craving some honey nut cheerios. So I made a big bowl hundred cheerios with milk in it not. So you know what I'll try to be like us and I'll use this teaspoon to eat motherfucking half my cheerios got by the time. I got to the rest of them because time. So goddamn long. Appreciate you try maybe I'll try to be a big mouth. Monster. Tomorrow. Traffic tablespoon idea that mouthed. In every sense of the word is the normal folk fear. The Non Salad for what are you talking about the normal for? There's only one. Man. Would you say drew the bigger fork I. Told you already converted I can you guys converted? Our sation from data table. It's called a tablespoon for the table and then it's not good i. don't like that that's the truth. But that's the truth. If you eat with a teaspoon, you may as well a yoga with a steak knife it makes the same amount of sense does. is they come in a little tiny like? So tiny and it's better to have tinier spoon house. Off. It was one of. where I would use a teaspoon. Bright. But also I feel like. I mean, a bowl of fruity pebbles. It has to be a tablespoon sorry. This we've we've really dug a hole. You give me an agreement never what we should do that maybe then is present lineup of food, and then we can decide what is the appropriate spoon. This food where it will have like a Little Cup of Yogurt we'll have a bowl of cereal. We'll have soup we'll ask tea or coffee or whatever. You can imagine we'll have a shrimp cocktail whatever you want. We'll just have a bunch of food and will vote and we'll decide once and for all for everybody in the world what? Goes with what? I think this is what we do. Because we're clearly bias. We know about this conversation we already have our stance I. think we need to do whenever we get back to the studio in in the future, we need to lay this out. We need to have like a test group of subjects from the office where we have these meals and all of the silverware that comes with things and present them different food and see which piece of silverware they'd go for. So you kind of use them as like a survey of what to us because we think we know we would choose already. We've already discussed this. Too. Often, you serving anyway like if you use a tablespoon for serving, do they just sit in the drawer get collecting dust? I never big spoons. They're just always sitting in the in the drawer I would love to be your roommate because. We would never run out. I use ladles for serving. If I'm if I'm making like super soothing us like ladle to. Meeting and I, just like how how do you do that? I like to get as much liquid in my mouth. Liberals are one of those things that it's. It's a great idea in theory, but it ends up spilling shit everywhere I hate ladles like it's convenient to move a whole bunch of liquid like you're talking about but it's like I got to clean up the counter washing ladle a fucking nightmare. Br SPEC, in your face. Right, back in your face, I was a dishwasher as a younger man and. Forget, and then just in the face and then all over my crotch, do you use the table later or the T- LEHTO? The t ladle, of course what I some sort of monster. It's funny because. This would be a good segue into another a funny interaction trevor and I had this past weekend. So Gusts I showed trevor. And it's funny. I WANNA address this to you people are like. Travel time we lived together it's quarantine. He's literally only person I get to interact with. have. Last about us. But. I was showing him the series that you told us about last week of the Guy Walking, around different coming in stores in Japan. And like going to vending machines and stuff. Forget the name of the dense breakings birth control. It's amazing and we are watching a video of him getting different sandwiches and foods from vending machines. One of which was like a chocolate sandwich that I guess had like some other cream inside it. And this person is taking the sandwich out and he like it up so you could see like what's inside the Sandwich? And we see this Eric if you have a photo or saint you. See this. and turbans sitting on the couch behind me watching I'm at my computer and he goes Oh. That's nice. They also made a little picture inside. A picture he's like, yeah, there's a giraffe in there. and. I went. On where do you see a journal club? Swear, the

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