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How you can learn to calm the chaos even in these rather chaotic times. Nikola welcome to live. Happy now. Thank you it's such a pleasure to be joining you today. Well, we really WanNa talk to you because calm the chaos that's so timely for twenty twenty. So I found it interesting that this initiative actually began with a journal a couple of years ago. So can you talk about how this all came about? Well. We probably don't have enough time for that. We can do a three Parter Helen you. Know I. Mean It really came about when I started my own business about fifteen years ago and again, I won't go back that far. But I'll say that what I realized when I started working with people in at the point, I was focused on working with women in leadership positions and really kept coming back to the same kind of common issue over and over again. which was people feeling like they were much more successful externally than they were internally and I began to wonder why that was and how could I support the clients that I was working with in really redefining success from the inside out. So that kind of started happening when I started my business and then not that long afterwards, my life got a whole lot more chaotic when. I started having children and the business was getting. Better and my husband had his own career that was developing, and so I realized that I needed to start practicing more what I was preaching and I looked for some kind of tool that would help me put into place. Health and happiness habits on a daily basis and I had done a lot of research around the connection between well being and happiness, and so I knew what the pieces were and wasn't my information. It's all out there but I couldn't find something that allowed me to one keep it in front of each day kind of do a check in terms of how I was doing and the impact it was having. So I created something actually for myself initially, which were just a word documenta pages that I printed out. That was the start of the conduct cast a little. Did I know as I started to use it and realize the impact it had on me when I used it in a positive way and the impact it had on me when I didn't use it in a negative way I started having clients utilize it, and they were seeing positive results from. It and then I asked people around me to start testing it and they did and I thought I, really think I have something here. It's very simple as you have seen not complex, but it was just a tool to Kinda keep these little things that we know can really improve our health and happiness in front of us on a daily basis. So. That was kind of the starting point of just getting out there more and finally. Decided to pitch it to chronicle books and was thrilled that they also saw the vision for eight and so that was released two years ago and seems like it's resonating for a lot of people and can you explain the format a little bit for someone who hasn't seen it? Yes. So the format is really broken into two parts today and tomorrow. So the vision that I had for everybody I, say use it in a way that is gonNa work for you because the key to it is that it only works. If you actually use it, it's the on your table is not going to help. In his area or anything? Yes. But if you want to actually have the impact in your life in a in a positive way, it does need to be put to you. So the way that I envision it in the way that I use it as it's on my bedside table and at the end of the day before I read going to bed I, open it up and you do a check in for today and it's really broken down. The top part is just doing kind of a self. Assessment about how you took care of yourself that day and these are based on the research that I'd have done around sort of the science around health and happiness, and it's moving your your body. It's getting enough sleep. It's eating in consuming things that nourish you. It's doing something just for pleasure. So there's a variety of things in there. You just gotTa do a little checkoff about did you do that thing today if so what was it? There is a part in their around a random act of kindness. Most memorable moment of the and the idea with this is that the more that we can think about this in our lives, we start to scan our days for things that are a memorable. The interesting thing with that point is that when I I had that in there, I was looking for these grand moments and then I'd kind of be disappointed at the end of the day.

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