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Um i mean they're getting paid seven figures i'm guessing some of them and it's a job that i would okay but i'm but i'm telling you is what nick folk was feeling last night i would not want that that's it's not something i would choose to have in my life to have to go and i mean he's getting it fired he's going to get fired like he probably won't see those guys again he will not walk into that workplace he will be fired for letting down the team in that situation robbie gold guaranteed eight point eight five million dollars i mean if it up so i'm a me up for feeling like a nerd in the workplace symi of four players that mikey me if i miss a big cakes i may offer sit alone on the sideline if i missed three kicks at a game and no one comes over and could seoul's me sign me up for that sciascia for eight point eight five million dollars guaranteed to kick a couple of balls all right on that oh kind of the feeling i know what you're saying and our lousy that must have felt for nicole class died but i can tell you nicole carr's at plenty of games where he is felt great because he was the jets koroma jets fan he kicked plenty of game winners for the jets and big deal goes to the jets so why five minutes ago did you feel bad for me makes plenty of money in last night in that moment i felt badlyformulated aimed at mind but i'm saying he makes plenty of money what differences in and that's oftens it a little bit like a does it's off into the ball a little bit lighter home for for net guy who think in that moment as he sitting on the bench alone having cost automated yet i think you have to guess when you're sitting there and your that lonely you have to somehow come up with some sort of positive in your mind right and i make a lot of money i make millions of dollars okay i don't know that he makes millions of dollars i don't know how much money.

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