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With. Now is your host Randy Adam? Dot com. Got music in my ears. I don't know what's going on. But we're going to get on with the show. And we're going to call in you, give us a call to ten seven three seven twelve hundred and we're going to get to rock and roll and talking about what's going on. And so nine touch nothing. We have a little minor problem. I guess. And so we'll we'll get to show rocking and rolling here in a minute. We've got music plan. How hope y'all here, and it sandy Guerrero. Thank you, sandy and Bruce. This is Randy Adams to buy and sell cars dot com. We'll talk about all kinds of stuff. We're gonna talk about me buying twenty trucks working on that Oldfield stuff. We buy the good the bad and the ugly. Amazing what we can buy the oilfields going on strong. And there's a lot of trucks out there. Hello, jerry. How you doing tonight? We want you to know that we're on Facebook live, and you gifts call here at the station at two ten seven three seven twelve hundred. Thank you each. And every one of them we have a lot of calls this morning. What a good show this morning, Michael Basham. But we want to talk about. We had a little issue this morning about a caller call in and they had bought a car with a flood title. And it's tough situation. They didn't know what they didn't. You know, it wasn't written on their Bill of sale..

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