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Call to no action is coming from a listener allow. No. And she says it is nothing new noting that on some occasions in history women have foregone sex to protest or push political issues. The former star of charm says her effort is designed to protest strict abortion bans, pass by some states with Republican controlled legislatures days before Milano issued her tweet on Friday judge became the fourth state in the US to man abortions. After a fetal heartbeat is detected that could be as early as six weeks into pregnancy before many women know that they're pregnant I'm Osco bells. Gabriel. A con artist who was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison for swindling banks hotels and wealthy New Yorkers says she's not sorry for anything. She did prosecutors said twenty eight-year-old Anna Sorkin who was born in Russia used a fake identity as a German heiress to scam victims out of more than two hundred thousand dollars. They said she defrauded financial institutions and socialites into believing. She had a fortune of sixty seven million dollars. Sorkin was convicted last month on multiple counts of larceny and theft and has been in custody since October twenty seventeen arrest. Netflix and HBO are both working on shows based on her scams. Another investigation, I'm Tim Maguire, AP news minute a person in the know tells the AP attorney general William bars appointed John Durman, the US attorney in Connecticut to look into the origins of the Russia investigation. And intelligence collection involving the Trump campaign was lawful and appropriate inquiry is separate from one by the Justice Department's inspector general's office, which is also examining the origins bar said, he expects that report to be done this month or June. President Trump insists the US is benefiting from the coming increase in tariffs on Chinese goods. We take it in tens of billions of dollars. We've never done that before with with China. We've never done that before with anybody, frankly because we've been taking advantage of on all of our trade deals practically his top economic adviser. Larry cudlow said over the weekend that both sides will pay China's announced increased tariffs on sixty billion dollars in US goods. I'm Tim Maguire AP digital news.

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