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He likes it. Medium impact Brian ride the barrel and get pitted. Four and five with a pretty good one. Given the moves the giants are making a fair to call this team the twenty eighteen nineteen San Francisco keep saying. Machine day at oracle park. Nine hundred five says Staples is not oracle south put in three months. Petco park will be that's crafty there because oracle park is now baseball and fed them working there. Nine one six is Bonnie, Jill hates romance like me, but loves dogs like me. Well, listen animals. I love it. But other than that. I don't like humans. Don't forget Valentine's Day just a couple of weeks away. Eight three one says don't forget in that same interview brought Brady dropped an unethical believable on live network TV in catch it. I really didn't even notice that a six five O says inside info zone. The family does not travel to a rape playoff games too, much hate. But usually they put her in a suite, right? The ideal around. Yeah. Says they are going to Atlanta though, you know, what those are. They're gonna have the last laugh opens if the Rams win and Brady's now lost four Super Bowls. Jim Kelly of the modern era. Let's sit back on your wrath. I I like to say like what happens if the patriots lose? That's a good time to hit the Tom Brady. We'll see what happens if the patriots lose Super Bowl..

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