Saudi Arabia, China, Jinping discussed on Global News Podcast


Over doing it a lot but yes certainly an extremely valuable business and if his figures were right and they were to successfully float five percent of the company on the on the market than you'd be looking at very large figure indeed something of the order of a hundred billion dollars sodas from kim greely very substantial amounts of money and of course a lot more could come in if over time they were to to sell off further for the stakes and any side at the moment how keen foreign investors will be to get in on the act well i think they will be keen but they were also be certain reservations on the company is very much in twined with the with the government in saudi arabia and so that makes some for some accounting issues making quite complicated to disentangle fully and then also be acutely aware i think that the government is going to retain an overwhelmingly large majority stake him will be in charge of all the key decisions but nonetheless easily almost business life i have no doubt there will be substantial interest among foreign investors are economics corresponded andrew walker one in china is calling it the great leap forward but the targets china's president xi jinping has set his country lifting forty three million people out of extreme poverty in just three years is if anything even more ambitious than chairman mouse industrialisation policy of late 1950s in his new year address mr she described the policy as a solemn promise mouse enforced removal of peasants from the land to become factory workers in the cities left the harvest rotting in the fields at least 23 million people perhaps as many as fifty five million died in the half century since then china's cities have boomed his middleclass has grown in it's become a consumer economy yet the gap between wealthy urban centres and the many remote rural communities has not been breached the bbc's china correspondent john sutcliffe has travelled to one of those places that has been left behind it clifftop village in.

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